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75 Popular Alexa Commands (Some You Probably Didn’t Know)

Amazon Alexa is an indispensable tool for performing everyday tasks. But did you know there are literally hundreds of commands? Here are 75 you should know off the top of your head.

Smart Home Devices

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Have you jumped on the smart home craze? Alexa allows you to control your smart home devices with ease. Whether it’s turning on the lights or locking the doors, you can manage everything through simple voice commands.

  • Turn on/off all lights: “Alexa, turn (on/off) the lights.”
  • Control a specific light or device: “Alexa, turn (on/off) the (device name).”
  • Dim the lights: “Alexa, set the lights to (1-100) percent.”
  • Change the colors of the lights: “Alexa, set the lights to (color).”
  • Adjust thermostat temperature: “Alexa, set the temperature to (number of degrees).”
  • Lock/unlock a door: “Alexa, (lock/unlock) the (location) door.”
  • Activate a scene: “Alexa, turn (on/off) (scene name).”
  • Show a camera on an Echo Show: “Alexa, show me the (location) camera.”

Music And TV

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Looking to relax or set the mood? Alexa can play your favorite music and control your TV. With commands for various services, you can listen to songs or watch shows effortlessly.

  • Play a song or album: “Alexa, play (song or album) by (artist).”
  • Play an artist: “Alexa, play music by (artist name).”
  • Play a genre: “Alexa, play (genre name).”
  • Play music on another speaker: “Alexa, play (music request) in the (room name).”
  • Play a radio station: “Alexa, play (station name)on (iHeartRadio/TuneIn).”
  • Play an audiobook: “Alexa, play (book name) on audible.”
  • Resume your audiobook: “Alexa, resume my audiobook.”
  • Control audio playback: “Alexa, (play/pause/next track/previous track).”
  • Control volume level: “Alexa, volume to (1-10).”
  • Mute volume: “Alexa, mute.”
  • Pause music: “Alexa, pause.”
  • Remind yourself what is playing: “Alexa, what’s playing?”

Alarms And Reminders

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Need help remembering tasks? Alexa can set alarms and reminders for you. Customize your alerts with music or specific times to keep you on track.

  • Set an alarm: “Alexa, set an alarm for (date/time).”
  • Set an alarm that repeats: “Alexa, set an alarm for every (day/week/month) at (time).”
  • Set an alarm to music: “Alexa, set an alarm to (music) at (date/time).”
  • Cancel an alarm: “Alexa, cancel my (date/time) alarm.”
  • Set a timer: “Alexa, set a timer for (number of seconds/minutes/hours).”
  • Set a timer with a name: “Alexa, set a (timer name) timer for (number of seconds/minutes/hours).”
  • Set a timer to music: “Alexa, set a (number of seconds/minutes/hours) timer to (music).”
  • Cancel a timer: “Alexa, cancel my (number of seconds/minutes/hours) timer.”
  • Set a reminder: “Alexa, remind me (reminder) at (date/time).”
  • Cancel a reminder: “Alexa, cancel my (reminder).”

Shopping And Lists

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Alexa makes shopping a breeze. You can add items to your list or even place orders directly. Stay organized and manage your shopping with just your voice.

  • Ask to buy something: “Alexa, buy (item name).”
  • Ask for your order status: “Alexa, where is my stuff?”
  • Add items to your Amazon cart: “Alexa, add (item name) to my Amazon cart.”
  • Find an item to purchase: “Alexa, find me a good (item category) on Amazon.”
  • Purchase a music album or song: “Alexa, buy (album or song title) by (artist).”
  • Add items to your shopping list: “Alexa, add (item) to my shopping list.”
  • Check your shopping list: “Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?”

News And Weather

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Stay updated with the latest news and weather updates using Alexa. You can get real-time information to plan your day better. Customize your settings in the Alexa app for more personalized updates.

  • Ask for the current weather: “Alexa, what is the weather?”
  • Ask for future weather: “Alexa, what will the weather be on (date)?”
  • Ask for the news: “Alexa, what’s the news?”
  • Ask for the traffic: “Alexa, what’s the traffic?”
  • Ask for your flash briefing: “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?”

Email And Calendar

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Keep track of your emails and calendar events effortlessly. Alexa helps you manage your schedule and stay productive. Set up your email and calendar in the Alexa app to get started.

  • Ask for your email: “Alexa, check my email.”
  • Ask for an email from a specific person: “Alexa, did I get any emails from (name)?”
  • Manage an email message: “Alexa, (read/reply/delete/archive) this email.”
  • Ask for your calendar events: “Alexa, what’s on my calendar?”
  • Add a new calendar event: “Alexa, add (event name) to my calendar for (date) at (time).”
  • Move a calendar event: “Alexa, move (event name) to (date/time).”
  • Ask for the date: “Alexa, what is the date?”
  • Ask for the time: “Alexa, what time is it?”

Calls And Messages

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Stay connected with friends and family using Alexa. You can make calls and send messages to other Echo devices or phones. Alexa also supports Drop-In for quick check-ins within your home.

  • Call another Echo owner: “Alexa, call (name).”
  • Call a phone: “Alexa, call (phone number).”
  • Answer an incoming call: “Alexa, answer.”
  • End a call: “Alexa, end call.”
  • Message another Echo owner: “Alexa, message (name).”
  • Drop-In within your home: “Alexa, drop in on the (room name).”
  • Drop-In on another Echo owner: “Alexa, drop in on (name).”
  • Make an announcement to all your devices: “Alexa, announce (message).”

Echo Show Commands

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If you have an Echo Show, Alexa can show you visual information. From live camera feeds to cooking videos, enhance your Alexa experience with these commands. Set up your Echo Show in the Alexa app to start using these features.

  • Get a tour: “Alexa, what can you show me?”
  • Find photos: “Alexa, show my photos.”
  • Sync with and display live video feeds from compatible cameras: “Alexa, show the front security camera.”
  • Watch videos: “Alexa, play (show) on Amazon Prime.”
  • See info instead of hearing it: “Alexa, show my timers.”

Fire TV Commands

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Control your Fire TV using Alexa. Find shows, navigate menus, and control playback with your voice. Make your TV experience more interactive and convenient.

  • Find a movie or TV show: “Alexa, search for (title).”
  • Navigate: “Alexa, play #5.”
  • Playback controls: “Alexa, watch (title).”
  • Broader commands: “Alexa, show me restaurants nearby.”

Food And Wine Commands

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Enhance your cooking and dining experience with Alexa. Get cooking times, convert units, and find drink recipes. Make meal preparation easier and more enjoyable.

  • Convert units: “Alexa, how many cups are in half a gallon?”
  • Get cooking times: “Alexa, how long should I cook a flank steak?”
  • Find calorie numbers: “Alexa, how many calories is a chicken breast?”
  • Get drink recipes: “Alexa, what’s in a whiskey sour?”
  • Find wine recommendations with skills like Wine Buddy: “Alexa, ask Wine Buddy what wine to pair with chicken alfredo.”

Sports Commands And Questions

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Stay updated on your favorite sports with Alexa. Get scores, schedules, and updates on your favorite teams. Customize your sports settings in the Alexa app for more personalized information.

  • Get scores: “Alexa, what’s the score of the Patriots game?”
  • Find game schedules: “Alexa, what’s the NBA schedule today?”
  • Get basic info: “Alexa, did The Lakers win?”
  • Custom sports update: “Alexa, give me my sports update.”

Holiday-Oriented Commands

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Get into the holiday spirit with Alexa. From playing festive music to tracking Santa, make your celebrations more fun. Enjoy various holiday-themed commands for a cheerful experience.

  • Celebrate with sound: “Alexa, play Christmas sounds.”
  • Find a Santa game: “Alexa, ask Santa Claus if I’m naughty or nice.”
  • Get into the spirit: “Alexa, turn on Christmas tree lights.”

Fun Or Joke Commands

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Have some fun with Alexa’s joke commands. From telling jokes to answering quirky questions, Alexa can add a bit of humor to your day. Experiment with different commands to discover funny responses.

  • Ask for a joke: “Alexa, tell me a joke.”
  • Ask for a funny fact: “Alexa, give me a funny fact.”
  • Ask for a riddle: “Alexa, tell me a riddle.”
  • Ask for a tongue twister: “Alexa, tell me a tongue twister.”
  • Ask for a fun fact: “Alexa, tell me a fun fact.”
  • Ask for a quote: “Alexa, give me a quote.”
  • Ask for a story: “Alexa, tell me a story.”

Switching Alexa Wake Words

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Tired of using the same “Alexa” wake word all the time? You can switch the wake word between four different options if you want to try something different. Customize this setting in your Alexa app.

  • Change the wake word: “Alexa, change the wake word to (Amazon/Computer/Echo).”
  • Switch back to Alexa: “Alexa, change the wake word to Alexa.”
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