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I have exciting news for Kroger customers in Kentucky and Ohio. According to reports on Reddit and Twitter, select Kroger locations are now accepting Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods. This means that customers can simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch at checkout to pay for their groceries. It’s currently unclear how many …

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The arrival of the periscope lens in the iPhone 15 Pro Max marks a significant moment for Apple and smartphone photography. While other manufacturers have been offering this technology for some time, Apple’s entry signifies a wider adoption and potential for further advancements in the future.

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In the world of iOS 17, emojis take center stage, adding a playful and expressive dimension to our digital conversations. Among the anticipated additions are the Phoenix Bird, Brown Mushroom, Broken Chain, and Lime, offering users a spectrum of options to convey their emotions.

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After upgrading to iOS 12.2, AT&T users have been seeing a “5GE” icon instead of “LTE” for their cellular connection. While this may seem like a major upgrade, it is actually AT&T’s misleading name for an enhanced 4G LTE network, which is not actual 5G connectivity. As a result, many customers are confused about what …

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