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About ComputerUser

ComputerUser is an iconic brand that has been around in both print and digital form for 50 years.

Regularly reaching tens of thousands of print magazine readers in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Denver, Dallas, San Antonio, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Puget Sound, New York, Long Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Delaware, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, Atlanta and Miami.

ComputerUser has received high praise over the decades, including three gold and two silver medals at the 2001 Minnesota Magazine & Publications Association’s annual Publishing Excellence Awards.

In more recent years, ComputerUser ceased distribution of the print version, but we still have a vast back catalog and might offer them for purchase if enough people express interest in reliving the early days of computers and technology products.

Dan Mitchell joined ComputerUser as a contributing writer in late 2023 and brought his extensive experience in the computing and technology industry to the website.

As a brand, we are now focused on delivering helpful content that inspires, educates and entertains our readers across the website and a variety of other digital channels.

ComputerUser has already been a notable computer-related brand for decades and we intend to keep delivering value to our audience for decades more to come.

You can contact us here if you would like to get in touch.

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