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File Types

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There are currently 531 names in this directory


Temporary file


A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in standard mode on a 286 or 386 computer (filename extension).


Swap file; enables computer running in enhanced mode to use Windows with virtual memory (filename extension).


A file that allows Windows to display text and graphics in enhanced mode on a 386, 486, or Pentium computer (filename extension).


Calcomp plotter


MacroMedia Authorware Windows 3.5 (filename extension).


AutoBackup, Corel Draw (filename extension).


Brush – Adobe Photoshop (filename extension).


Keyboard accelerator, Corel Draw 6 (filename extension).


Windows system directory file (filename extension).


Drivers for compressing or decompressing audio files, OS/2 (filename extension).


After Dark


1. Appointment DataBase, HP 100LX (filename extension). 2. Body file type, Ada language (filename extension).


Adapter Driver – OS/2 (filename extension).


AfterDark MultiModule (filename extension).


AfterDark Randomizer (filename extension). AfterDark is a screensaver program that can be set to randomly display a variety of screensaver patterns one after another.


Specification file type, Ada language (filename extension).


Adobe Font Metrics – Type 1 font metrics (filename extension).


Access G4


Adobe Illustrator


Audio Interchange File Format or AIFF (filename extension). A format developed by Apple Computer for storing high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information. It can be played on PC and Mac.


Audio Interchange File Format. An uncompressed sound format developed by Apple Computer for storing high-quality sampled audio and musical instrument information. It can be played on PC and Mac, using QuickTime or Sound Player.


Arts and Letters Library (filename extension).


Animated cursor (filename extension).


ANSI text (filename extension).


Application Program Interface (filename extension). An interface between the operating system and application programs.


MacroMedia Authorware package (filename extension).


ARC or ARC+ compressed


A PC compressed format found on European sites (filename extension), which can be decoded with unArjMac, DeArj, and SITEX10.EXE (win).


An art file, in some draw or paint applications (filename extension).


ASCII text file


Active Streaming File – HoTMetaL Pro (filename extension).


Assembly Source Code


Active Server Page – Microsoft (filename extension).


Assistant file – Claris Works (filename extension). Assistants guide the user through a task by asking a series of questions and then use the answers to perform a task. Assistants in Claris Works can be used to create such useful items as calendars, newsletters, stationery, labels, and address lists, to make footnotes within a file, to find documents, etc.




A sound file format used on Sun Microsystems or other UNIX computers


AVI movie format


Intel video capture format (filename extension).


Base 64 (filename extension), the encoding format used by the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.


Backup copy in DOS or OS/2


BASIC program file




Briefcase document – Windows 95 (filename extension).


Backgammon game (filename extension).


Binary file (filename extension).




A MacBinary II encoded file (filename extension). This file type, downloaded as MacBinary or Binary, can be decompressed with Stuffit Expander.


Backup copy


Backup file (filename extension).


Wordperfect for DOS (filename extension).




Sim City game file (filename extension).


Browse Index (filename extension). Found on multimedia CD-ROMs.


Batch file – Norton Utilities (filename extension).


C program file


Microsoft compressed format


Calendar or CALS




Computer-Based Training; a tutorial file (filename extension).


Corel chart (filename extension).


Lotus cc:Mail (filename extension).


CD Audio track (filename extension).




Corel Draw template (filename extension).


Corel Draw compressed file (file extension).


Visual FoxPro database index (filename extension).


Compton’s multimedia encyclopedia (filename extension).




Corel Flow (filename extension).


Common Gateway Interface (filename extension). A file that makes it possible for HTTP servers to interface with computer programs to provide interactive functions like fill-out forms.


CGM graphics


Checkdisk – DOS


Chapter – Ventura


Chapter Information – Venture


Sim City file (filename extension).


Intergraph scanned image




Command file — OS/2


Corel MetaFile (filename extension).


SoundBlaster file (filename extension).


LEAD Technologies graphics


Corel Move animation (filename extension).


Configuration file (filename extension).


Compuworks Design Shop (filename extension).


COBOL source code


Command file – small version of .EXE


Fax Cover document (filename extension).


Code Page – DOS


Control Panel – Windows


C++ program file


Knowledge Access graphics


Compact Pro


Corel Presentation Exchange compressed file (filename extension).


Windows Cardfile (filename extension).


Corel Script (filename extension).


Cascading Style Sheet (filename extension).


Comma delimited


Control file (filename extension).


City file – SimCity (filename extension).


Windows cursor image


Dr. Halo graphics


Microsoft CodeView (filename extension).


Claris Works (filename extension).


Claris Works template (filename extension).




Table – Paradox


Visual FoxPro database (filename extension).


Database File – dBASE


Database text – dBASE


DATABEAM graphics


IBM text


Color Separation – EPS




Disk Doubler


Disk Doubler Image (filename extension).


Definition – C++ (filename extension).


Certificate (filename extension).


Device driver file (filename extension).


Autotrol graphics


Intergraph graphics


DIB graphics – Windows




Data Interchange Format spreadsheet


Dynamic link library


Document file


Document Template – Microsoft Word (filename extension).


MultiMate document


Dots Per Inch – graphics


Delphi project file (filename extension).




Designer graphics


Designer graphics, version 4


Designer graphics, version 6


AutoCAD vector format


Drawing – AutoCAD (filename extension).


Document Imaging


AutoCAD vector format


EDMICS graphics


Enhanced Windows Metafile (filename extension).


electronic mail




Encapsulated PostScript format


Esri plot file


Easy Worship File


Executable file — machine code




Force Index


Aldus Freehand 3 (filename extension).


AutoDesk animation


Thumbnail folder – Hijaak


AutoDesk animation


Live3D (filename extension).


Filter – graphics conversion


Framemaker (filename extension).


Format for 1-2-3 Version 3


Format – dBASE




Fontographer font (filename extension).


1. Bitmapped Font – Windows 2. Phone




Windows TrueType font




Claris FileMaker Pro (filename extension).


Flying Pigs (filename extension).


Filemaker Pro 3


FlashPix bitmap (filename extension).


Form design — Visual Basic


WordPerfect Graphics Driver




GOCA graphics


Arts & Letters graphics


GEM graphics


VideoScope (filename extension).


Graphics Interchange Format




CCITT compressed Group 3 TIFF file (filename extension).


Group 4 – CALS, ITU (filename extension). CCITT compressed Group 4 TIFF file.


Microsoft Graph (filename extension).






Show Partner graphics


Show Partner graphics


GNU gzip compressed file – Unix


Header (filename extension — C).


Hierarchical Data File


HighEdit document (filename extension).


Microsoft Hellbender game file (filename extension).


HP Graphics Language (filename extension).




Help Project – Visual Basic (filename extension).


HP Graphics


BinHex (filename extension — Macintosh).




HyperTerminal (filename extension).


DOS filename extension for a document with HTML coding, which can be read by WWW browsers.


Filename extension for a document with HTML coding, which can be read by WWW browsers.


Hangul Word Processor (filename extension).


Hyphenation – WordPerfect




IOCA graphics


Targa bitmap (filename extension).


Image Colour Matching (filename extension).


Icon – Windows or OS/2


Sun icon and cursor


Instrument Definition – MIDI (filename extension).


Integrated Development Environment configuration (filename extension)






Inset Systems graphics – Hijaak


Interchange File – QuickBooks for Windows (filename extension).


Icon Library


Winimage compressed format These files can be decoded or mounted by ShrinkWrap.


Mac disk image (filename extension); a compressed format which can be decoded or mounted by DiskCopy, Disk Image Mounter, Disk Charmer, and ShrinkWrap (ImageMaster).


Image. This file is a Macintosh Disk Image. Disk Copy can be used to mount the disk image on the Macintosh desktop. The mounted disk image will behave like a read-only disk.






Initialization – configuration settings


Imagine file (filename extension).


Netscape file (filename extension).


MOD music file format (filename extension).


Idlewild screensaver (filename extension).


Index File – Framemaker (filename extension).


JPEG File Interchange Format; a 24-bit graphic format. It can be opened with QuickTime, a WWW browser, or a graphics viewer such as JPEGView.


JPEG Image Format (filename extension).


JPEG bitmap (filename extension).


file extension for JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). A file stored in JPEG format. JPEG,an ISO/ITU standard for storing images with high compression capability, uses a discreet cosine transform that can achieve compression rates of 100:1 (significant loss of data from original) and 20:1 (minimal loss). C-Cube Microsystems introduced the first JPEG chip.


JT Fax


JPEG bitmap (filename extension).


Kodak Photo-Enhancer (filename extension).




Label – dBASE


Deluxe Paint graphics file


Lock file – Microsoft Access (filename extension).


Legacy document (filename extension).


Filename extension for a PC/Amiga compression format decodable by LHA Expander or MacLHA.


Literate Haskell source file


LHA compression file




License file – shareware (filename extension).




List (filename extension).


Lotus Word Pro document (filename extension).


LHARC compression


PC/Amiga compression format


Motion 3D – Corel (filename extension).




Microsoft Access Form (filename extension).




Microsoft Access Macro (filename extension).


Map – linkage editor


Microsoft Access Query (filename extension).


Microsoft Access Report (filename extension).


Microsoft Access Table (filename extension).


MathCAD format


Microsoft Word for Macintosh (filename extension).


Access database




Metafile – OS/2




MIDI File Format (filename extension).


Micrografx Draw Font (filename extension).


Miscellaneous (filename extension).


Microsoft Image Composer (filename extension).




An ImageMagick file format


Group 4


MIME (filename extension); the encoding format used by the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.


Mime encoded file (filename extension); the encoding format used by the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension.


Microsoft Mail File (filename extension).


Macromind animation


(For module). A music file format that contains digitized sound samples A .MOD file takes more memory than a MIDI file because a MIDI file contains instructions for making sounds but not the actual sound samples. There are .MOD players for Amiga, PC, and Macintosh computers.


QuickTime movie. This file can be viewed with QuickTime Player.


Movie – QuickTime


QuickTime movie. This file can be viewed with QuickTime Player.


Mozilla – Netscape cache file (filename extension).


MPEG Layer II compressed audio. This file can be played using QuickTime Player and some other sound players.


MPEG Layer III compressed audio. This file can be played with QuickTime Player, Real Player, and some other sound players.


MPEG (filename extension).


MPEG movie or animation file. This file can be played with QuickTime Player.


MPEG encoded file. This file is an MPEG movie, and can be played with QuickTime Player.


Macintosh MacPaint


Microsoft Project project file (filename extension).


Microsoft Project template file (filename extension).


Microsoft Project export file (filename extension).


Markup – Informative Graphics


Message file


Microsoft Network document (filename extension).


Microsoft Paint


Music (filename extension).


Microsoft Multimedia Viewer (filename extension).


Myst saved game file (filename extension).


Index – dBASE


Network file (filename extension).


Norton Guides


NLM program – NetWare


Notes Template File – Lotus Notes database (filename extension).


Outlook Address Book – Microsoft (filename extension).




Microsoft Office Binder (filename extension).


Object module


Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Custom Control (filename extension).


OLE Object Library (filename extension).


OLE object (filename extension).


Onyx Graphics Postershop (filename extension).




Overlay module


Overlay module


Sharp Organizer memo bank


Sharp Organizer telephone bank


Tektronix Plot10


Personal Address Book – Microsoft (filename extension).


Quake game data (filename extension).


Paintbrush palette (filename extension).


Pascal program file


Pattern – Corel Draw (filename extension).


Microsoft Phonebook (filename extension).


Portable Bit Map


Photo CD format


HP LaserJet


LaserJet cartridge information


PICS animation (filename extension).


PC Paint


PC Write


1. PC Paintbrush 2. Graphics file – Zsoft format


PrintShop Deluxe (filename extension).


PC Paintbrush printer driver


Type 1 font – ASCII


Type 1 font – encrypted


Postscript Font Metrics; Windows Type 1 font metrics


HPGL 7475A plotter – vector graphics


Portable Gray Map bitmap (filename extension).


HTML document with preprocessing instructions (PPIs) (filename extension).


PICT graphics format, or PIXAR picture file


Macintosh QuickDraw/PICT This kind of file stores images in QuickDraw vector format. PICT2 can have grayscale bitmapped images also.


Program Information File – Windows


PackIt – Macintosh compression


Inset Systems graphics


Project file – Visual FoxPro (filename extension).


AppleLink package compression format These files are decodable by StuffIt Expander.


Perl script (filename extension).


Plotter drawing (filename extension).




PageMaker 3 document


PageMaker 4 document


PageMaker 5 document


1. Portable Network Graphics bitmap (filename extension). 2. Paint Shop Pro Browser (filename extension).


Persistence Of Vision raytracer (filename extension).


PowerPoint Add-in – Microsoft (filename extension).


PostScript Printer Description


Portable PixelMap (filename extension).


PowerPoint Slideshow (filename extension).


PowerPoint presentation (filename extension).


Printer driver – Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, Microsoft Works (filename extension).


A dBASE source code file


Project file


1. Print file – temporary 2. XyWrite printer driver 3. PostScript file


WordPerfect printer driver


Formatted text


PostScript. This is a plain text file.


Photoshop Document


Publication – Ventura Publisher, Microsoft Publisher (filename extension).


Pocket Word document – Microsoft (filename extension).


Microsoft PowerPoint Wizard (filename extension).


Microsoft Pocket Excel (filename extension).


QuickBooks for Windows (filename extension).


Quarterdeck Qemm (filename extension).


Quick Library (filename extension).


ATM font information


Microsoft Query (filename extension).


QuickTime movie, binary file type (filename extension).


QuickTime Movie (filename extension).


LaserJet landscape font


LaserJet portrait font




Real Audio


Raster graphics – Sun


Raw file format – bitmap (filename extension).


A filename extension found in many UNIX files (.newsrc, etc.) which means “run commands”.


Windows Recorder macro file (filename extension).


Registration file (filename extension).


Report file (filename extension).


RFT-DCA (filename extension).


An SGI RGB image file


Alpharel Group IV raster graphics


Renderman graphics


Roch FaxNet


Fractal Painter bitmap (filename extension).


Resource Interchange File Format A multimedia file format; the Microsoft equivalent to Amiga IFF format.


RIX virtual screen


Wavefront raster image


CAD Overlay ESP – Image Systems


Run Length Encoded


Real Media.




AutoShade format


GTX Runlength raster graphics


Report file (filename extension).


Microsoft text and graphics


Assembly language file – Unix


MOD music file (filename extension).




Saved game (filename extension).


IBM Storyboard graphics / Superbase text


Source Code – Paradox


ScreenCam movie


Dial-up networking script (filename extension).


1. Screensaver – Windows. 2. Screen Layout – dBASE. 3. Script for Apple’s Disk Copy utility.


Screen Capture Text – Lotus


SmartDraw Library (filename extension).


Self-Extracting Archive (Stuffit or Compact Pro)


Segment (of a compressed file saved in segments with Stuffit or Compact Pro)


TIFF bitmap (filename extension).


Setup parameters


LaserJet landscape font


LaserJet portrait font


PCL 5 scalable font


UNIX shell archive (filename extension), which can be decoded by Unshar.


HTML file with embedded server-side includes (SSIs) (filename extension).


SoftImage image file


Signature A .sig file can be set up and automatically attached to outgoing email, newsgroup postings, etc. It includes the name and contact information of the sender, and may also have ASCII art, favorite quotes, etc.


Stuffit compressed file


AutoCAD slide


Symbolic Link (SYLK) spreadsheet (filename extension).


Self-Mounting Image. This file is a Macintosh Disk Image, similar to an .img file, but it does not require the use of Disk Copy. When the file is downloaded, a disk image appears on the desktop. The disk image will behave like a read-only disk.


Sound file


Netscape mail (filename extension).


Speedo scalable font


Screen Peace Extension


SyQuest Backup (filename extension).


A file used in the creation of .INI files for configuration settings (filename extension).


Style sheet – Ventura


Amiga 8SVX sound (filename extension).


Swap – temporary file (filename extension).


Sysedit backup file (filename extension).


SYLK spreadsheet format


SDSC Synu image


System file


Adobe Type Align


Tar – Tape ARchive (filename extension). Tar is a UNIX method of archiving files, which can also be used by PCs. Tar archives files but does not compress them, so sometimes .tar files are compressed with other utilities, which produces extensions like .tar.gz, .tar.Z, and .tgz. Archive files with the .tar extension can be extracted in UNIX with tar or on a PC with WinZip or on the Mac with the program Tar.


Combined filename extension for a file that has been archived using tar and then gzipped.

.tar.z or .tar.Z

Combined filename extension for a file that has been archived using tar and then zipped.


Another way of writing .tar.Z


Asymetrix Toolbook (filename extension).


Typeface definition – Speedo


Tex or LaTex document


Font metrics – Intellifont


TARGA graphics


Another name for .tar.z and .tar.gz


Desktop theme – Windows 95 (filename extension).


Thumbnail (filename extension).


TIFF graphics file


TIFF graphics file (filename extension).


OLE Type Library (filename extension).


Temporary file


Table Of Contents (filename extension).


Terminal settings – Windows (filename extension).


TrueType compressed font


TrueType font


TabWorks File (file extension).


MS-DOS text (filename extension).


ASCII text file


LaserJet landscape font


LaserJet portrait font


Uuencode compressed file


Uuencode file


Visual Basic Project (filename extension).


Visual Basic Extension


Targa bitmap (filename extension).




Khoros Visualization image file


Ventura Library (filename extension).


Sound Blaster


Ventura Publisher (filename extension).


Targa bitmap (filename extension).


Relational View – dBASE


Virtual Device Driver (filename extension).


Windows Address Book (filename extension).


Sound file


Microsoft Word Backup (filename extension).


Microsoft Works Database (filename extension).


Ventura width table (filename extension).


Windows backup file (filename extension).


Microsoft Word Wizard (filename extension).


Lotus 1-2-3, up to 2.01


Lotus version 3


Lotus version 4


Quattro spreadsheet


1. Lotus Worksheet (filename extension). 2. Microsoft Works document (filename extension).


VRML page


Windows Metafile




1. Windows Printer Description (filename extension). 2. WordPerfect Demo (filename extension). 3. WordPerfect Document (filename extension).


WordPerfect Graphics


WordPerfect macro


Microsoft Works document


WordPerfect Template (filename extension).


Windows Write document


Symphony spreadsheet


WordStar for Windows 1 document (filename extension).


WordStar for Windows 2 document (filename extension).


WordStar for Windows 3 document (filename extension).


WordStar for Windows 4 document (filename extension).


WordStar for Windows 5 document (filename extension).


WordStar for Windows 6 document (filename extension).


WordStar for Windows 7 document (filename extension).


Wavelet compressed bitmap (filename extension).


AVS X image file


Corel Xara drawing (filename extension).


X Bitmap




Xerox Image Format (filename extension).


Excel chart


Microsoft Excel backup (filename extension).


Microsoft Excel macro (filename extension).


Excel worksheet


Microsoft Excel template (filename extension).


MOD music format (filename extension).


X Pixelmap


X Window System window dump image


Xxencoded file (filename extension).


Arts & Letters click art (filename extension).


Unix compress file


File compressed using PKZIP




A special kind of file used by Claris Works. Assistants guide the user through a task by asking a series of questions and then use the answers to perform a task. Assistants in Claris Works can be used to create such useful items as calendars, newsletters, stationery, labels, and address lists, to make footnotes within a file, to find documents, etc.

bad fix

A failed attempt to repair a computer bug; a fix that doesn’t work or that introduces new and unexpected problems. The expression has cropped up a lot in relation to Y2K fixes.


The CDF file suffix is associated with the Nominal Small Business Accounting Software. File contains company data.

Submitted by: uri


Digital Anchor Data File


A DOS compression program. Compressed files have the extension .lhz.


Message Base – Eudora (filename extension).

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