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Become a Contributor

Please note that the guidance on this page is intended to allow computer niche enthusiasts and experts a platform to share their thoughts and opinions with our audience.

This is NOT an invitation for SEO folks to send us “guest post” or “link insertion” requests. All such requests will be ignored.

ComputerUser is comprised of expert user-generated content by our community members. We ask that all content is educational and not promotional. All posts are subject to approval and must meet the following editorial guidelines:

All posts must include the author’s name. The approval process includes cross-checking your name against other niche-relevant publications on the internet. If you are not already notable in the computing and tech niche, please include some background information about your education and aspirations so that we can judge whether it’s a good fit for you to be a contributor on our site.

If post is AI generated, you need to disclose that in CAPITAL LETTERS at the top of the post. If a post is AI-assisted, you also need to disclose that in CAPITAL LETTERS at the top of the post.

Posts must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs and approximately 500 or more words in length.

Please limit links to additional reading. We ask for no more than three relevant links at the very end for a “read more” or “continue”. We DO NOT accept SEO or embedded links that seek to promote a single company or service.

Any such links will be removed by our team.

Content cannot be self-promotion for another blog, product or service.

Content must be appropriate and relevant to the topics that we cover on ComputerUser.

Images are encouraged. We ask that they be appropriate to the text, non-offensive, of a quality level representative of ComputerUser and properly sourced and credited to avoid copyright issues. Please do not include images that have a logo, promote a URL or a single company or service.

Posts cannot be used to promote events, webinars, other content, etc.

Posts cannot be self-promotional for any individual or provide a link to a CV/resume or job offer.

Posts can be controversial but CANNOT be offensive.

Also, please read terms of service (regarding copyrights) before posting.

If you have further questions or to pitch a contribution, please contact us.

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