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Dan Mitchell

Dan Mitchell, Editor-at-large, ComputerUser

Dan Mitchell has been in the computer industry for more than 25 years. He started with computers at age 7 on Apple II. His father would take him to computer conferences in Boston to meet other like-minded users and swap public domain software. By the time Dan was age 13 he had become a beta tester for Project Samuel, which was eventually released as AppleLink Personal Edition, and later became America Online (AOL).

In his youth, Dan was a member of the Boston Computer Society and a staff writer for ApplePress, BCS’s user group newsletter. Years later, Dan later launched his first computer consulting business at age 19.

Dan has written a book on VMware virtualization called VMware vSphere for Dummies, and holds a patent for a virtualization mobility design. He has been a featured speaker and panelist at numerous industry conferences, including VMworld, EMC World, TSIA World, Dell Technologies World, and various analyst conferences. Dan is now a product exec at a leading computer manufacturer.

While the other kids were reading comics, Dan was an avid reader of several computer magazines in his younger years. He subscribed to magazines such as PC Week, InfoWorld and InCider magazine. Bringing forward his fascination of computer magazines, Dan has recently embarked on a journey to bring back ComputerUser, a cornerstone computer media publication with a 30 year legacy.

Dan is also on LinkedIn and you can follow him on X (formerly Twitter).

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