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Maybe you don’t know a kindergoth from a babypunk. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. But you might want to visit this site to get your jargon straight.

Unless you’re a heavy-duty gamer who visits online forums, real-world conventions, and tournaments anywhere, it’s likely that there will come The Moment. You know the one. There you are, chatting with someone about “Counter-Strike,” and suddenly they use a word like apotropiac or geas, leaving you thinking only: huh? Before your next tourney, a visit to Gamerjargon might prevent such moments of blankness.

Although it hasn’t been updated in a while, the site is still a treasure trove of lingo. Some of the terms are well-known, like abandonware, but others are such insider definitions that examples are needed. Often, these are funny enough to stand on their own. After all, imagine the thrill of uttering a phrase like, “Ninjas are jumping off of you!” With other terms, there are synonyms that are just as charming as the original. For example, a goth player usually called a gloom cookie can also be referred to as a vamp tramp, witchie-poo, babypunk, or perhaps the cutest of all, a kindergoth.

Also on the site are a few extras, such as a discussion board and a collection of inventions that show up in games, collected under the funky heading of Fumonyms. The shopping portion of the site, called Buy Gamer Crap, leads to a host of Amazon links rather than an online store, but it’s still useful as a way to cut down on Amazon searches. Most helpful, though, is the Links section, which lists a staggering array of gamer-related sites and throws in some other cool links to places like Salon and The Onion.

But where the site shines brightest, not surprisingly, is with the jargon. It’s obvious that the site’s word masters have put some thought into the definitions, and it pays off in a lively surfing experience for gamers and non-gamers alike. It’ll also help for the next tourney, when you can dodge the babypunks, and not get geased.

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