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Word Repair after Word 2007 Document Freezes all Computer Operations

Start Word 2007, go to the ‘View’ tab and in the ‘Document Views’ box, and click on ‘Draft’. Further, click on ‘Microsoft Office Button’ before clicking options. In ‘Display document content’, select the check-boxes in front of ‘Picture placeholders’ and ‘Draft font’ in ‘advanced options for working with Word’. Followed by this, uncheck the ‘Update automatic links at Open’ in ‘Advanced options for working with Word’ of the general section. After this, you should be able to open the file.

Open a new document, and from the insert tab, select ‘Object’ from the ‘Text’ box, and then click on ‘Text From File’. Further, in the ‘Insert File’ dialog box, select the damaged document and all your data should be inserted. You can save this file with a new or the same name.

In a blank document, enter text “Creating a rescue link”, and save the file, as “The Link”. Now select “Creating a rescue link” and copy it. Paste this as ‘Formatted Text (RTF)’ into a new document with the help of the ‘Clipboard’. Now right click this text, and select ‘Links’ from ‘Linked Document Object’. And in the dialog box, that opens, select the linked file, and select ‘Change Source’. In the new dialog box named ‘Change Source’, select the damaged document, and click Open, followed by OK for closing the dialog box. All the recoverable data will be displayed. Again right-click the linked object, reselect ‘Links’ from ‘Linked Document Object’. In the dialog box, click Break-link, followed by Yes, when it reconfirms the link breakage.

Another useful option is ‘Recover Text from Any  word repair File ‘ in the ‘Files of type’ option available when you click ‘Open’ using ‘Microsoft Office Button’. However, this option recovers only the text, the headers, footers, endnotes, and footnotes. No graphics, drawing objects, can be recovered.

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