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Windows Outlook Data Loss And Its Recovery Technique

Many a time’s users of Outlook, irrespective of the version being used, can suffer data inaccessibility. Data or say information from mails, contacts, calendars, tasks and other manually made folders of Outlook desktop mail program can get unavailable. The situation can occur due to three primary reasons that are defined in the section below.

What Makes Data Items of Outlook Inaccessible?
The three main causes due to which data items within Personal Storage Table become unavailable are as follows:

  •     Corruption or Breakdown in PST files
  •     Deletion of data items
  •     Password Protected PST File

1. Corrupted or Damaged PST files – Outlook is known to be easy and efficient mail client, hence is preferred worldwide by people from all walks of life. Though known to be highly reliable, it is not resistant to corruption factors. Breakdown issues affect its proprietary PST files that in turn make the data items stored within it inaccessible. In number of cases the send/receive process also collapses due to failure in synchronization of emails. Sometimes the destruction is so strong that without external professional help it gets really impossible to fix maximum errors of PST files. This is because at times of severe damage even Microsoft Support which is its developer fails to mend the broken or crashed Personal Folders.

Some Known Faults in Outlook PST
After first release of MS Outlook there have been several versions out in the market with 2013 being the latest that is supported on Windows platform. The others are 2010, 2007, 2002, 2000 and several old releases. In spite of several attempts made to make error free application, even the newest release is not free from corruption. There is no doubt that features have definitely been improved to render much more to its users. Some errors associated with it are mentioned below so that users can recognize damage issues and learn way outs for their removal.

  •     No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.
  •     Outlook Send Error: “The operation failed. An object could not be found” or “Object not found”

2. Inaccessibility due to Hard Deletion – There are two kinds of deletion in Outlook;soft and hard. When a file or any item is deleted by clicking on the tab Delete of keyboardor by clicking on Delete icon of the particular applicationthen it is called soft deletion. This is because with this type of removal the deleted item can be recovered from the Deleted Items folder. But when the same is done by clicking on Shift + Delete key, then the items does not go into Deleted Items folder but its gets permanently removed. Permanent removal is called hard deletion.

3. Personal Folders Protected With a Passphrase – At times users employ password to the Outlook PST file to keep it safe and secured from those who keep on eyeing to other’s belongings. To make data even more safe and protected users keep on changing the watchwords time to time. In hoard to keep data protected from unwanted elements, it usually happens that users get mixed-up with all created passphrases and ultimately end up losing the correct one. This is the third major cause for creating un-attainability of data items.

How to Make Data Items Handy?
There is an in-built utility called scanpst.exe (also known as Inbox Repair Tool) provided in Outlook for the repair of PST files. It is furnished in all versions of Outlook to scan, diagnose and repair .pst file type. When harm is minor it succeeds in repairing files of .pst type but at times of major destruction it fails. Moreover, the tool is of no use when retrieving permanently deleted or password sheltered Outlook data files. At such situations arises the need to utilize external professional tool and Outlook Recovery can unquestionably be used as an alternate.

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