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What else ? LoriotPro version 6 of course!

The LoriotPro internal collectors of events, SNMP Trap and SYSLOG, have a powerful software architecture optimized for almost real time acquisition and processing, in order to inform you of any anomalies in the shortest time and even trigger an automatic corrective treatment. This is above all for its outstanding processing capabilities that some of our customers (telecom operators, ISPs and broadcaster) have chosen LoriotPro. Among the new Version 6 features,  a new LoriotPro plugin is available for Ethernet and IP flow analysis using the RMON RMON2  SNMP standard.

Graphical views and tables help you to determine and identify the top Ethernet consumers and the consumption by host IP and IP application.LoriotPro version 6 offers a new mechanism for creating your own dynamic web pages with the language LUA.  As example, in a simple LUA script, you can: collect SNMP information about the running condition of your servers, alert the administrator on default and publish the result on the  WEB. This can be done in few lines of LUA code, thanks to the hundreds of powerful functions provided by LoriotPro. To resume,  LoriotPro is a feature-rich  solution that includes development tools required to create Windows and Web application dedicated to monitoring and automation of process in  network and systems environment.

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