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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. April 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ Examines the Importance of a Quality Company Website to  Potential Investors

Fort Lauderdale, Florida April 25, 2012

Twenty years ago, if someone inquired about a company, a brochure would be mailed   By the time the post office delivered the packet of information, the potential customer likely forgot he/she requested it in the first place. Flash forward to today, where sending brochures and information via postal mail takes a big back seat to presenting a company’s information on the Web.  

So, just how important is the quality of a publicly-traded company’s Web site to investors?  In’s opinion, it’s the single most important tool a company has for conveying its brand, products, services, and investment offering to potential investors on Wall Street and beyond.  After all, would YOU invest in a company that had an inadequate Web site?   

Everyday, we see examples of companies who pay little attention to their Web sites or who obviously don’t realize the importance of their Web presence.

If you’re one of "those companies", take a look at these 5 questions:1) Would YOU invest or do business with a company that had a crummy Web site?2) Would you buy a product online if you couldn’t see it first?3) If the last news release the company posted on its site was from 2009, would you consider investing in the company?4) Would you invest in a company that didn’t have any contact information listed on its investor relations page?5) Would you invest in a company or buy its products if the site was low on content and didn’t provide enough information?’s message is simple: BEFORE you want to start an investor awareness program, BEFORE you want to start promoting your products and services, BEFORE you want to drive traffic to your site, and BEFORE you want the world to consider investing in your company, make sure you have a Web site that’s fairly well-designed, full of useful and helpful information and content, up-to-date, and easy to navigate.  Then, after you begin implementing search engine optimization strategies, you can be confident about letting investors and customers see one of your most important marketing tools—your Web site. is a unique, one-stop resource for all of your investing and financial needs, as well as everything Wall Street. provides original investment-related content, financial news, investor tips, company profiles, syndicated articles, stock information, and more.’s executive team and advisors have nearly 80 years combined experience in the public markets, marketing, public relations, and advertising. 

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