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Using Facebook? Get Your Own Virtual Representative!

The application from project ( adds a touch of sci-fi to Facebook pages – and a very cute one at that. It enables users to create informational elves (or Infs, as the developer calls them) that simulate entertaining human chat and interact with visitors.

A user can choose the look, style, background and personality of their Inf, giving free rein to the imagination and unlimited opportunities. It’s possible to pick an imaginary friend or evil twin, or even a favorite celebrity or movie character. To make Infs even more human-like, the developers have added animated nonverbal reactions. Eager to learn, Infs can be taught to ask and reply to various questions far beyond their basic pre-defined vocabulary.

This feature then allows a character to chat to page visitors on Facebook, delivering the information provided by the creator in a vast array of situations. The Inf can deliver messages to friends when the user’s offline, provide answers on behalf of a celebrity to stereotypical questions from journalists, entertain those looking for conversation, and much, much more.  

All conversations between the Inf and users (or other Infs) are logged. The logs can be viewed and edited by the Inf’s creator, which provides a chance to better teach the character and improve its conversational skills. The questions and responses thus become even more human over time.  Apart from being a smart assistant and a means to make a page more attractive, an Inf can provide quite a creative outlet. Customizing and teaching a character may become rather addictive, with users further motivated by two rating systems that add competition to the fun.

The most interesting Infs will hold longer conversations and gain in the Popularity rating, with more Infs listing them as friends to boost the Friend’s rating.

About the is a project developed by Nanosemantics. Founded in 2005, the company is focused on the development of new interfaces geared towards simulating human dialog between user and computer. Nanosemantics provides embodied agents to commercial organizations.

Links:Project website:
Application page at Facebook:

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