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CaseMaker 750A & BCC10 Create Personalized Hardcover Books at 400 Books/Hour Environmentally Friendly Machines Work Together at the Same Speed for Minimal Cost & Labor September 2, 2009, Alpharetta, GA — Peleman Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the award-winning Unibind high-quality binding, laminating and presentation product line, announced today that it will debut its new line of affordable, fast and easy systems for outputting high-end personalized hardcover books, the Unibind CaseMaker 750A and the Unibind BCC10 binding systems, at the Print 09 show held September 11-16, 2009 in Chicago.  
Unibind Systems Work Together in Perfect Synergy
Targeted to the graphics industry, the Unibind CaseMaker 750A and Unibind BCC10 offer a complete solution for automating the process of casemaking, binding and casing-in, solving many of the most difficult challenges that labs and production facilities in the graphics industry face today.  Normally a strenuous activity requiring high-skilled labor, multiple machines and long operating times with high cost, the CaseMaker 750A and Unibind BCC10 accomplish these processes with two machines that work together in perfect synergy―at the same speed, for minimal cost and labor.
Casemaking with CaseMaker 750A
The Unibind CaseMaker 750A wraps personalized prints around the pre-assembled books (CasePlanos), allowing you to make unique hard covers. The system is capable of making piece by piece high-quality fully personalized hard cover cases at a speed of 400 books per hour.  It can handle different formats, from 8”x8” (200mmx200mm) to 12”x14”(305mm x 356mm), and different spine sizes according to the user’s own binding equipment and preferences.
The CaseMaker 750A excels in user-friendliness, fast operating times and reduction of inventory cost. Thanks to the automation of the case making process, the machine provides improved consistency of quality and speed, reduced start-up and change-over times, and requires only a minimum of no-skilled labor.
Environmentally Friendly Solution – FSC Certified
Designed with the environment in mind, the system does not use glue or chemicals during the casemaking process, to enhance the safety and cleanliness of the working environment.  In addition, the CasePlano books are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council).  This, in combination with a highly reduced waste-output, makes the CaseMaker 750A a very environmentally-friendly machine.
The CaseMaker 750A produces personalized hard covers in only a few easy steps. To operate, just fill the trays with the base materials (CasePlano book, printed coversheets, and mirror sheets)and the rest is done automatically.  First the cover and the CasePlano are correctly positioned onto each other.  The cover is wrapped around the CasePlano and sealed.  Then the mirror is placed on top and the assembled case is laminated together.  Finally, the U-shape of the steel or cardboard spine is formed to finish the hard cover case.
Binding with BCC10 High-Volume Machine
After completing the casing of the book covers, the final step is binding with the Unibind BCC10 high-volume binding machine, designed especially for use in industrial environments.  Like the CaseMaker 750A, the BCC10 lets you improve your output and productivity with a capacity of 400 books per hour. The BCC10 uses Unibind’s patented Resin SteelBinding Technology and works automatically for firmly bound books with minimal labor.  Although built for intensive professional use, the BCC10 is a highly user-friendly machine that only needs to be loaded and unloaded manually. It guarantees maximum operator safety as it was engineered to only be operational when the trays are closed.
The BCC10 can be adjusted for various spine sizes and formats through the use of a crimping tool. The crimping tool pinches the steel spine according to the amount of pages inserted in the hard cover to reduce the amount of spine size needed, while at the same time improving the binding and the overall aesthetics of the books.  The machine also comes with a touch screen to easily adjust the binding temperature.
The operation of the BCC10 is automatic. After inserting the pages in the hardcover books and placing them into the loading tray, the tray is slid into the machine.  First the covers get bound using the Unibind Resin SteelBinding Technology.  Then the spines of the hard book covers get crimped and cooled for a perfect and permanent result.
The new line of affordable, fast and easy systems for outputting high-end personalized hard book coversinclude the Unibind BCC10, available immediately and the Unibind CaseMaker 750A, available October 2009. For more information, see
About Peleman Industries
Founded in 1939, Peleman Industries is a privately held international company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of document, photo and calendar binding systems. The Unibind brand stands for top-ranked binding solutions guaranteed to suit the needs of any client – from small jobs to industrial applications. With its worldwide headquarters in Puurs, Belgium, the company opened its U.S. Corporate Office in Alpharetta, GA in 1999. Today, Unibind products are sold in more than 120 countries. For more information, visit or

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