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Tracient Technologies’ Handheld HF Readers Used to Monitor Task Completion Times in Glasshouses.

Task performance times are a key performance indicator for glasshouse labour costs. d’Vineripe in South Australia needs to be able to accurately identify each worker, the row/area they are working on and what task they are performing. They are doing this using RFID technology. These days when staff are being made redundant or having their hours cut, employee productivity is as important as ever. More and more companies are turning to RFID to boost the visibility of their employees’ movements and results.

 A recent example of this is d’Vineripe Pty Ltd who grow glasshouse tomatoes in South Australia. A key performance indicator for d’Vineripe is how long workers take to complete tasks so the company needs to accurately identify each worker, the row/area they are working on and what task they are performing.

d’Vineripe has engaged Australian systems integrator FieldAtWork to provide an RFID solution in which workers and tomato rows are allocated HF RFID tags with a unique ID number. Tags are also prescribed for each of the 8 tasks and placed on boards adjacent each row. At the beginning of the day, the end of each task and the end of each day the workers use Tracient’s Padl-R HF reader to read their own tag, the row tag and the appropriate task tag. The reads are batch logged and downloaded onto a PC at days end.  The information is analysed within FieldAtWork’s ServiceAtWork software to create time sheet information which is imported into an Excel spreadsheet for analysis.

Anthony Evans, Financial Controller at d’vineripe says the company has been able to identify processes that are inefficient and take appropriate action. “As our company was a start up we have now been able to identify and benchmark our current operational activities within the glasshouse, more cost effectively versus other solutions available within the marketplace” he says.

Anthony believes management of d’Vineripe’s workforce has now become more quantitative in its measures since installing the RFID solution. “We are now able to identify workers who have been underperforming and take the necessary action to ensure they complete their tasks in the required time frames. We intend using this data to develop training programs to increase productivity across the workforce. This system means we can be more targeted in our training programs.” he says.

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