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TouristInfo 2.0: Social Media for Tourist Information and Photo Sharing

NUREMBERG Germany Feb. 28, 2011 December 2010

Eckard Ritter

TouristInfo 2.0 members can upload and share photos; create albums and embed them on their home pages; add events and send invitations; build rich profiles; and pull in content from other sites. Regardless of the content they create, members can use their own status update notifications for sharing it – within the network and also with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. All pages, profiles, photos, albums, posts and events can be liked on Facebook. Moreover, members can post to the TouristInfo 2.0 blog, whose entries are automatically republished on TouristInfo 2.0’s Facebook page.

The site is part of a larger network of blogs (Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous), microblogs (Twitter,, and other social media which help members get the word out in the world of Web 2.0.

South Africa

Germany South Africa

"At this early stage in the network’s development, the emphasis is on presentation rather than communication," explains Dr. Ritter. "Members are using TouristInfo 2.0 to publish their media and test how the network contributes to their overall findability on the web. Over the coming months, and particularly during the summer vacation (in the northern hemisphere), we will begin to support sharing and communication via groups, blogging, forums and discussions to add even more value to our network."

Membership in TouristInfo 2.0 is a rewarding experience for all Internet users who enjoy exploring travel, tourism, leisure, sports and recreation content, regardless of their online skills. The site is user-friendly and ideal for the non-technically inclined who still want to build great-looking content with no hassle.

For advanced users, the network also allows seamless integration with Internet applications such as e-mail (address book importing), Facebook (personal profile and pages), Flickr (importing photos for TouristInfo 2.0 albums), social bookmarking sites such as (via RSS) and YouTube (video embedding). Moreover, members’ profiles can be customized and tweaked in multiple ways to replicate the look and feel of their home pages. Membership is free, but must be approved by site administrators.

Nuremberg Germany Eckard Ritter


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