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Top 10 Tips for Keeping the “Swagger Wagon” Smelling as Fresh as it Looks

1) Spray stain repellent (such as Scotch Guard) on clean car carpets to protect from spills and penetrating odors; make sure to spray under seats, around cup holders, and wherever sports gear is stored.

2) Supply car with wet wipes and garbage bags to immediately clean gear or store wet / soiled clothing, shoes or towels.

3) Outfit trunk with breathable metal mesh containers to store sport gear and cleaning supplies. Place a gel can air freshener in one of the storage containers.

4) Clip a portable air freshener, such as Refresh Your Car Vent Sticks, onto shoe laces and into equipment bags to help eliminate odors while in transit.

5) Remove all gear from car immediately following every game or practice.

6) Allow shoes to air dry in clean, shady area (if possible, suspend by shoelaces from hook in the garage).

7) Clean shin guards, elbow pads and other protective gear with disinfecting wipes.

8) Once air dried, stuff shoes and helmets with newspaper to absorb excess moisture.

9) Clean equipment bags weekly by wiping with a wet cloth or, if safe for the material, clean in washing machine.

10) Replenish car air freshener once a month for maximum effectiveness.

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