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The Spry is the First Waterproof Drone That Submerges Under Water, Floats Like a Boat, and Flies in the Air

Miami, FL, August 28, 2018 –(– After 2 years of designing and prototyping, the team at SwellProUSA and Urban Drones have introduced The Spry: the first ever waterproof drone that can submerge like a submarine, float and navigate like a boat, and fly in the air at over 43mph. The Spry has a self-contained 4K camera that can capture video at 30 frames per second, pictures at 12 megapixels, and wirelessly transmit the video signal to a monitor embedded in its waterproof remote control. The waterproof remote control is another first-ever accomplishment in the drone industry. The Spry is a combination of a fast racing quadcopter and a photography/videography drone and is available at – By merging these two abilities into a small and durable design, the Spry will give users the ability to capture high-resolution video and pictures without compromising speed and agility. Drone enthusiasts can activate the Spry’s GPS from the remote control to access its advanced flight features like Hold Position, Auto Follow, Object Orbit and Return to Pilot’s Position. When activated, the Return To Pilot Position returns the Spry to the position of the pilot even if he or she is on a moving boat. By turning off the GPS from the remote control, users are able to pilot the Spry completely freestyle allowing them to fly at speeds of over 43mhp (70km/h) while flipping and turning tight corners just like a racing drone.

“The Spry’s ability to submerge under water and fly in the air makes it the most versatile drone ever created. We’ve only seen this in science fiction movies,” said Alex Rodriguez, Urban Drones’ CEO. A drone technology company located in Florida and SwellPro’s partner in the Spry project. “Watersport enthusiasts have always liked drones, but the fear of losing their drone in the water has always been an obstacle that affects their creativity and we’re happy to say that with the Spry, we’ve removed that barrier.”

For those into robotic flying, The Spry’s mobile app allows drone pilots to set up waypoints on a map and fly a predetermined path while the operator remains 100% hands-free.

The waterproof remote control has an integrated 4.3-inch monitor to view the Spry’s live video feed. This video feed can also be viewed by several video monitors and video googles simultaneously, allowing the pilot to share his flying experience on the spot, without anyone having to crowd around the remote control. The remote also displays On Screen Spry Health Data to show the operator the drone’s location, battery status, attitude and other crucial data. The Spry has a 1-kilometer range and is powered by a removable battery that allows users to fly for up to 17 minutes.

“SwellPro has more experience designing waterproof drones than any other manufacturer in the world,” said Eric Hu, CEO of SwellPro China. “We’ve designed an extremely meticulous quality control process and by partnering with Urban Drones, we’re assuring an outstanding customer experience, from purchase to after sales support and warranty service.”

The Spry will be available for pre-order on for $749. That’s 25% lower than its projected retail price. The Spry will start delivering late-November, 2018 in perfect time for the holidays. Having successfully completed two crowdfunding campaigns in the last three years, the team at Urban Drones and SwellPro have extensive experience in executing and delivering on the promises of their crowdfunding campaign. For more information about the Spry visit

Company Information
Urban Drones is a technology company located in South Florida and is SwellPro’s partner for sales and support in Canada, North America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. You can find more information at or email

SwellPro is a drone manufacturing company located in Shenzhen, China and specializes in designing and manufacturing waterproof drones like the Splash Drone and Spry. You can contact SwellPro at

The Spry is available on Kickstarter August 28, 2018 and will start shipping in late November of 2018. Link to project

For customer support
Urban Drone is the exclusive distributor and customer support center for SwellPro products in the U.S. Canada, South America, and the Caribbean. You can contact Urban Drones at or by calling 954-213-4977.

You can contact SwellProUSA at or by calling 305-930-3810.

For more information, press only.

Request for interviews: Spry Drone Hotline 305-930-3810 or

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Alex Rodriguez
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