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At a time when IT staffing has hit a budget wall, the Epitec Group has found a way to scale over the top. The company prides itself on finding the right techie for the job.

At a time when IT staffing has hit a budget wall, Detroit-based Epitec Group has found a way to scale over the top. Aiding small businesses as well as large, the company prides itself on finding the right techie for the job. CEO Jerry Sheppard chats about pain, enjoyment, and corporate harmony.

What services do you provide?

We lift the burden on corporations by tackling their IT staffing issues for them. We understand that companies of all sizes need employees who can report to the job quickly and who will work until the job is complete.

Our goal is to accurately define the “pain point,” and then to empower our clients with the right workers to get the job done.

Why was that name picked for the company?

The name The Epitec Group was chosen because I have frequently cited a quote from the Greek philosopher Epictetus: “We have have two ears and only one mouth so that we listen twice as much as we speak.”

Therefore, we should listen to our clients and employees because they are the foundation of our firm’s existence. The name was developed by taking ‘Epi’ from Epictetus and ‘tec’ from technology.

What makes you different than the competition?

Our size and structure gives us the agility and responsiveness to specialize our services to meet the range of corporate IT staffing requirements.

Also, a sense of humor keeps things light in this company, which is operating in the high-pressure, beat-the-clock IT staffing industry. In the sometimes sterile tech arena, maintaining a warm, personal approach is so important in our company. When the day is done, we like to say we’ve had fun and that we’ve enjoyed working with one another.

What is your Employee Care Program, and why do you feel it’s important?

The program is charged with enhancing the likelihood of employee retention with the client. Our “Conductors of Corporate Harmony” visit employees onsite to assess the employee’s performance and satisfaction and to attend to any outstanding administrative concerns or questions.

By dedicating staff to this function, we can be sure that our contracted employees can concentrate on the task at hand and not have to worry themselves with the bureaucratic details. Since its inception, the program has assisted in the reduction of attrition from industry highs of over 50 percent to an industry low of just under 15 percent.

With so much IT budget cutting now, how is Epitec affected?

IT budget cutting has hit certain new and existing customer programs hard. However, given the size, industry and location of our client base, it’s actually been high tide.

The automakers are fighting for marketing share with great incentives, health care organizations are running against the clock to comply with HIPAA regulations. Even small-to-medium organizations are looking for ways to be more competitive.

What do you like best about the company?

It’s wonderful to experience continued growth and success by servicing both the clients and employees.

However, I’m truly proud of the fact that our company enjoys the benefits of having a diverse workforce. Of the eleven-person management team, five are female and five are African-American. Fifty percent of our total number of employees are people of color. That’s diversity at its best. However, this is not because we’ve ever institutionalized a mandate for diversity in our hiring and promotion practices. It is the natural result of our commitment to hiring the best individuals, period.

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