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RationalPlan 4.10 – Project Management Software Now Also Online

Stand By Soft is pleased to announce the release of RationalPlan 4.10. Current version comes with a web-based project management module for the Server product, more reports, better support for opening Microsoft© Project files and many other features. Plus starting with this version all RationalPlan products are available for Mac OS X users within [Read More...]

A Smart Way To Study Photography

New Bright Apples has a lot to offer. Its network is enabled to provide services like photo uploading, chat, photo news, critiques and free lessons on photography. New Bright Apples also provide a free online course on photography. This is called photography 101 course. This allows students to study photography  in a virtual classroom. This classroom has lessons, assignments as well as quizzes for students. Not only budding but seasoned photographers can also avail this free online course. Latest news on photography is available on the front page of the company’s web site. Queries that arise during the 101 course are answered by a professional staff. Apart from this free course, there are other online courses too. They are not only easy but very much affordable too.
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Fiber Optic Talk Set Capable of Online Display and Online Call

Toronto, Canada - GAO Fiber Optics ( has released its fiber optic talk set that is an excellent combination of a digital optical phone and a stable light source. The optical talk set effectively assists in operations of installation, optical testing, maintenance and fiber attenuation value testing in data networks, CATV and telecommunication networks.
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The story of the spammer who was made a legend

On 26th of April, online business community at was graced by the appearance of its first spammer under the alias “Mr. oscittyErrork”. Such was the height of his spamming spirits that he just came, he saw and … he spammed. Quite understandably, the community was bamboozled by the determination and the untiring approach of the legend. He knew that this shameless promotion is not going to get him anywhere; he knew nobody is going to buy the scrap he’s trying to sell, he also knew that the thread will be ruthlessly deleted by the moderators without giving it a second thought, but … he did what he was made to do (i.e. spam), so shamelessly that even the most unabashed were shocked.
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New ecommerce resource to assist Novices & Professionals Alike

eCommerce Sources is the latest blog entering the large sphere of different ecommerce portals already on the internet, but this one is a little different for various reasons. First of all, the way this web-log covers the field of electronic commerce is totally different from others, most of the prevailing blogs don’t really go that extra mile to look into the real world issues faced by the ecommerce community. [Read More...]

MegaFX launches financial markets games

a new online gaming portal for everyone interested in the financial markets has launched a suite of financial trading games. MegaFX games are designed to appeal to all in the financial world from novices to professionals. They are free and fun to play. [Read More...]

Social Networking Community Offers Opportunity for Bikers to Meet Online

Summer offers opportunities for bikers from all over the United States to gather for poker runs, bike shows and more, but now there is an online community where bikers can come together and discuss the latest rides, find their next long ride, chat with those they have met on the road, meet new friends and discuss bikes, shows, trends and more. [Read More...]

Add a Profitable Revenue Stream to your IT Business

Learn why Remote Data Backups is the most essential partnership for IT consultants, computer repair techs, MSPs, VARs, networking, security and business consultants, and more. We make it easy to earn lucrative recurring income and protect your business clients from costly data loss and downtime.

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