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Tech smarts for a flawless presentation. One of the biggest anxieties associated with giving a presentation–aside from the actual fear of public speaking–is experiencing last minute technology glitches. No matter how prepared you are for a presentation, we all know that technical delays and interruptions that occur right before or during the session can leave a lasting impression on audience listeners.

A business that rests on the success of a few presentations has no room for error, especially since there is no IT staff on hand to fix technical glitches. This is particularly a big concern for small business owners who know all too well that giving a presentation can be stressful already, without the added worry of technical difficulties.

For the CEO who find his or herself “wearing multiple hats,” often acting as the IT expert and the sales manager from one day to the next, giving a presentation needs to be as uncomplicated as possible.

Fortunately, there are more solutions available today than ever before for ensuring that your presentation goes off without any technology hiccups.

Notebook PCs and projectors, long recognized by business executives as “must have” presentation tools, have added significant improvements in recent years and are now more portable, reliable and interactive than ever before. Today, the key to delivering a foolproof presentation, whether it is a new business pitch, training session or company meeting, lies in choosing the tech tools best suited for your individual presentation needs.

Before delivering your next presentation, decide which type of PC is most appropriate for your presenting style and environment. For sales associates who spend most of their time on the road and are frequently required to deliver an overview of their company’s products and services, a lightweight ultraportable notebook is the best option. The small, compact notebook is easy to carry from location to location and is inconspicuous when placed on a conference room table or speaking podium during a presentation. Ultraportable PCs are also a convenient option for business executives who regularly travel from their desk to conference rooms throughout the day.

For speakers who present in a less formal environment, requiring a more interactive communication medium, a convertible tablet PC is the perfect solution. A tablet PC marries the best aspects of laptops and pen-based devices to provide executives with increased flexibility and mobility. It offers presenters all the power of a standard Microsoft Windows-based notebook, plus additional interface options that enable presenters to use a pen, their voice or a keyboard to input valuable data during their presentation. Assuming wireless access is available, at the end of their presentation, speakers can use their tablet PCs to transmit power point slides and other presentation materials in real-time to each attendee’s tablet or notebook PC.

In fact, if the conference or meeting room where you will be presenting is equipped with wireless access, you may even opt for a wireless enabled projector in place of the traditional aforementioned notebook or tablet PCs. Today, the wireless trend has extended beyond the realm of notebook PCs to the options, such as projectors, that are traditionally used with them.

Wireless projectors enable business presenters to project image files and deliver a presentation without having to connect to a PC or use external audio and video cables. The projectors especially come in handy during presentations involving multiple presenters since instead of fumbling with different notebook PC cable connections when switching presenters, the projector can wirelessly and seamlessly transition to the next speaker with the click of a remote.

Most wireless projectors come equipped with a USB memory key input that allows business executives to project wirelessly in a simple three-step process. Presenters can easily connect, set up and run presentations on an existing network through an encrypted wireless connection.

Most importantly, wireless projectors enable presenters to take their minds off potential technical difficulties such as multiple cable connections, room logistics or notebook configurations, and focus on what matters the most, which is delivering a flawless presentation.

The aforementioned innovations in notebooks and projectors not only alleviate technical glitches but also provide speakers with a better platform for delivering flawless presentations designed to leave lasting impressions. Keeping these technologies in mind, business speakers should always evaluate the tools best suited for their presenting environment and then decide which ones will offer them the most aid for giving an effective presentation.

Jo Anne Paterniti is director of worldwide accessories for Lenovo Corp.

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