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Making way for Jaguar.

Despite the stubbornness with which Steve Jobs mispronounces “Jaguar” (often spitting it out as Jag-wire), Apple is set to push its new operating system with ferocity. Apple sales reps may want to skip the animal-themed nickname altogether and just say OS X v10.2. With the new system, the company has launched a communication standard, Rendezvous, and signed up several electronics makers willing to adopt it. Printer makers Canon, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, Epson and Lexmark are embracing the Rendezvous protocol, which enables electronics products to discover each other automatically over a network and set up a connection. Jobs said that since it gives away the standard to these companies, Apple is considering making Rendezvous “open standard,” meaning that the code will be freely available without royalty payments.

As Apple works to get a Jaguar in every home and schoolroom, software makers have begun to release products that run smoothly on the new system. Sybase has launched its Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 12.5, which will run on OS X. The database software includes support for Net-SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) so network administrators can monitor the status of the database remotely through SNMP-compatible products. This version of the software doesn’t require use of Apple’s new server, Xserve, but Sybase is working to aim the product at customers that would be using the new enterprise server line. The Xserve adds high-bandwidth I/O handling that allows for better operation of databases like ASE.

Asante Technologies has introduced new drivers for OS X, including the GigaNIX 1000SX fiber Gigabit adapter. The company notes that this is the only Gigabit Ethernet adapter that can support the system over fiber. The technology enables users to eliminate network bottlenecks with fiber optic connection, and optimize performance for server operations. This ability will benefit those who must deal with bandwidth-eaters like large digital graphic files or rich Internet multimedia content. Pricing is based on router type, and information on drivers is available on Asante’s Web site.

More design-minded Jaguar owners might find comfort in knowing their fonts are secure. DiamondSoft released Font Reserve Single User 3.1, which they claim is the first and only method for system-wide automatic font activation on OS X, with a major update for Jaguar. The font plug-ins for Adobe InDesign 2, Adobe Illustrator 10, and QuarkXPress 5 employ DiamondSoft’s technology for font identification. Version 3.1 adds support for OpenType TrueType, and Apple’s dFonts, and enhances the font handler so that all nonessential fonts are moved out of OS X’s many fonts folders and put into reserve. An electronic download version costs $89.95, and a CD package version is ten dollars more. The company is offering an upgrade from Suitcase or ATM Deluxe for $49.95.

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