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SalesFUSION announces release of inDynamics(TM), their new cloud-to-cloud version of marketing autom

Atlanta, GA – SalesFUSION , the maker of SalesFUSION 360™, an integrated sales and marketing demand generation platform, today announced the official release date and debuted it's new native Microsoft CRM application, inDyanmicsTM. The new app is a cloud-to-cloud solution for Dynamics CRM 2011 and directly embeds email marketing and website visitor tracking and analytics into CRM.

"We chose to announce the upcoming release of inDyanmics at this year's Microsoft Convergence show in Atlanta because the predominant theme of the show was Cloud-based computing. This new solution from SalesFUSION is the essence of leveraging the cloud to implement a better CRM by integrating the best that marketing software has to offer in SalesFUSION, via the cloud." Said Kevin Miller, EVP Marketing for SalesFUSION. "Since we began integrating our marketing automation software with Dynamics in early 2009, the response has been tremendous. Our customers love the depth of having a true enterprise marketing software app directly integrated into CRM….but they wanted more. Our customers wanted more native functionality and more custom entities in Dynamics that allowed for a better end-user experience. That's what we've accomplished with inDynamics."

SalesFUSION's marketing platform is unique in the industry in that it is built from the ground up on a CRM-style database. This allows for more flexibility and deeper integration to CRM systems, a core concept of Demand Generation. The nature of the platform also allows for a tremendous amount of flexibility in meeting customer's product needs. The concept behind inDynamics™ was to take the best of both worlds; the power of SalesFUSION's platform and the flexibility now offered in Dynamics CRM 2011, and combine the two to create a true demand generation solution in CRM.

Said Miller; "You're always going to have a percentage of clients, especially within the Dynamics community, who want everything within the confines of the core CRM, meaning they never have to navigate away from the CRM app. We accomplished that, for the most part, with our first 2 versions. Once we saw the flexibility offered in CRM 2011, we immediately jumped on the MPR (Microsoft Platform Ready) program and rolled up our sleeves and got to work developing inDynamics™. We've done similar integrations in other cloud-based CRM systems so we immediately knew how far we could go with embedding the app in custom entities. The result is nothing short of awesome."

InDynamics™ represents 2 specific products. The first is a general upgrade to the existing integration between SalesFUSION and Dynamics 2011. All existing SalesFUSION users who are on or upgrade to CRM 2011 will have the ability to download inDynamics™ for their use at no cost. The second is a point-of-entry marketing tool that exists only inside of Dynamics. The latter is designed for SMB companies and offers email marketing and web visitor tracking for $179 per month installed and allows for up to 25,000 emails/activities per month.

Effective June 1, 2011, Dynamics CRM users will be able to download the software installation package via the Dynamics Marketplace for both enterprise and inDynamics™ versions. This version is available for existing users of CRM 2011 and those companies upgrading to CRM 2011.

Because of SalesFUSION's unique internal CRM Accelerator, we can push/pull data at many levels between SalesFUSION360 and Dynamics CRM. While many companies provide for simple email integration, SalesFUSION opens the entire suite of eMarketing to the Microsoft CRM user.

SalesFUSION offers the following core processes in Dynamics

–  Campaign integration – All campaign and campaign response activity is tracked to the lead, contact and account records in Dynamics CRM.

–  Email integration – Rich html emails may be launched in SalesFUSION and tracked in Dynamics CRM. Beyond simple email blasting,SalesFUSION also enables more robust drip marketing and trigger marketing with its email platform giving Dynamics users more flexibility in creating long-term conversational marketing campaigns. Anyone can integrate simple email blasts into Dynamics….SalesFUSION goes much further beyond this to offer true Nurture Marketing.

–  View marketing analytics and marketing dashboards in Dynamics CRM.

–  View website visitor activity to the lead and account record in Dynamics CRM.

–  Track ROI of campaigns – SalesFUSION will pull opportunity data into it's campaign tracking tool and auto-calculate campaign ROI based on forecast & closed revenue information from the Dynamics CRM opportunities

Learn more about SalesFUSION and inDyanmics at /MicrosoftDynamicsCRMintegration/MicrosoftCRMResourceCenter/tabid/794/Default.aspx

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SalesFUSION 360 provides software that accelerates revenue by connecting sales and marketing with prospects at the moment they are ready to buy. This is made possible through the SalesFusion 360™ suite, which complements Sales Force Automation applications by adding an on-demand enterprise lead management service. SalesFUSION 360 increases lead quantity, lead quality, and revenue conversion rates by integrating and automating the lead management process. For more information, visit

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