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Roam if you want to

The ability to roam freely while on the phone should never be taken for granted. Neither should a really good headset designed for this very purpose.

Remember the early 1990s, when having a car phone meant a two-hour install of a huge box built in the middle of your console? Even then, you still were tied down to your vehicle with a bulky phone and a corded-up mess. Well, thanks to technology and the “small is good” mindset, those phones are now as obsolete as a Vanilla Ice concert.

The key word in the new Plantronics Cordless Headset Telephone (model CT12) is cordless: No longer am I in the office talking to clients, chained to my desk with my old phone. Now, I am free to roam about the room in mid-discussion and fax over paperwork at the same time. The convenience of this tiny phone is that it is about the size of a credit card in length and only about an inch in width. The clarity and range on the phone is very impressive with its 2.4GHz of frequency, allowing me to walk to the break room for coffee during those lengthy conference calls.

It comes equipped with Caller ID, a 100-number memory bank, a noise-canceling microphone (perfect for drowning out unwanted background noise), as well as a 2-in-1 convertible headset.

That leads me to a crucial variable in choosing a cordless headset phone: comfort. Clarity and the compactness of the phone only go so far when you have to be on the phone for great, painful lengths of time. Unfortunately, this is where the phone falls short of greatness. When you just have the earpiece attached, the thin rubber piece that wraps behind your ear makes it uncomfortable if you are on the phone for longer than five minutes. However, the headset does allow give you the option to wear the traditional headband piece with cushion for the ear-piece if you choose.

This is a solid phone with lots of features, making it a must for business professionals still tied down to their desks. Now if only Downy would come out with an earpiece attachment, we would all be in telecommunications heaven.

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