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Research Shows a Direct Link Between Name and Income

AUSTIN, Texas Jan. 31, 2011 Kerrie Hopkins Monday, January 31, 2011

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Anthroponomastics, the study of names, has been taken one step further with Kerrie’s unique approach, dubbed "Onomology." Many outlets use Kerrie’s research to comprehend world events and pop culture.  Kerrie’s extensive experience as a consultant to ABC, the BBC, TLC, E! Entertainment, and FOX includes assignments as diverse as profiling the Presidential Candidates during election year to team compatibility for Dancing With the Stars on Good Morning America.

Her name analysis seems intuitive, but is actually extensively researched. Kerrie has been showcased on over 2000 TV & Radio talk shows and consults in 5 Continents on this subject.  She has authored several books, including the internationally acclaimed "Breaking the Name Code – Define your name – Design your life" which is studied at  the University level. Kerrie’s comprehensive name dissection is based on unique spelling, segmental phonemes, syllable structure, word fragments, and distinct characteristics or "markers." The study of names shows how you perceive yourself as well as how others perceive you, and examines how people interact with each other based on name characteristics.  

The potential use of Onomology is far-reaching and comprehensive.  Retail applications include capitalizing on shopper’s habits and buying trends using Kerrie’s proprietary name "markers." These qualifiers transcend the traditional, less effective target marketing methods such as age, gender, income, education level,  zip codes or unemployment rates.  Kerrie’s method re-analyzes data within statistics, isolating predictive consumer patterns and sphere of influence behaviors which identifies qualified buyers.

Kerrie’s work also translates to HR Departments where she arms employers with tools to effectively resolve conflict, hire the best candidates, team compatible workers, and win business negotiations.

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Kerrie Hopkins

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