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Blasting the techno bad guys isn’t always an easy task. But RedCannon Security offers some powerful ammunition with its cyberprotection software.

Blasting the techno bad guys isn’t always an easy task. But Fremont-based RedCannon Security offers some powerful ammunition with its cyberprotection software. Founder and CEO Vimal Vaidya and vice president of marketing John Myung chat about attacks, security, and staying ahead of hackers.

Why do you think there’s a need for your services?

Every day, there’s a new Internet attack born. For example, MSBlast crippled hundreds of thousands of computers. Most people don’t even know if they have been hacked because anti-virus companies cannot detect stealth programs. Our product, Fireball, has layered security features that everyone needs. The firewall blocked MSBlast and protected users from being disrupted, and it has technology to identify and block other kinds of attacks.

How is the company unique in the marketplace?

First, everyone that works at RedCannon has a strong background in network security. People work here because they like the challenges of solving complex problems relating to security. The diverse experience shows in the product line. Second, we have a patent-pending technology called Surround Security Architecture. This technology allows Fireball to be stronger, faster, and more agile than other security products. The combination of the two is very unique because many security companies only have one or the other.

How is the company faring in the current economic climate?

We are doing well and we understand that it is tough out there. RedCannon is doing it the old fashioned way, by building a business with a solid product and hard work. I can see the economy getting better and the market is turning around. Security has always been solid because you always need it.

Also, we’re really pleased with the momentum of the company. We successfully launched a new product this year and the response is amazing. Today, Fireball CyberProtection is available on the Web and carried by major retailers including Fry’s Electronics, CompUSA, Office Max, Office Depot, MicroCenter, and Canada’s FutureShop. Not bad in the first year!

What are the largest challenges that you see in providing your service?

Keeping ahead of the hackers and cybercriminals is our biggest challenge. We continually do research and work with computer users to find ways to improve the product. At the same time, we want to keep the level of support and quality assurance at the highest level.

Another challenge is in educating users about the importance of security and of setting the features correctly. One way we provide a better user experience is our online tutorials. We use real examples of network attacks and show you step-by-step how to protect yourself.

Do you have anything in the works for the future?

We are always looking into the future and researching the upcoming threats, and the needs of the marketplace. RedCannon’s technology can easily be embedded into other devices for the wired world. With so many devices being Internet ready, RedCannon has plans to be able to support other platforms and devices.

We are also going to improve and add more functionality to Fireball. The big project is delivering a centralized manager that is as powerful and easy to use as Fireball. Other cool features include a peer-to-peer VPN to let users transfer files safely to other Fireball users.

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