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Plan Ahead for a Trouble Free Gap Year

CHESTER, England July 25, 2011

  • Offers Ten Top Tips for Gap Year Travellers This Summer

Bob Atkinson

1. Taking cash and prepaid cards abroad

pre-paid cards

2. Carry the right cards

Credit cards –

Debit cards –

3. Budget, and be aware of overdraft charges

Decide on a total budget you are looking to spend. Bear in mind that this will need to cover your travel and taxes as well as transfers, accommodation costs and food. If you are planning to use your overdraft as a back up, make sure you’re aware of any charges and make sure you stay within your authorised limit. Keep track of your spending by registering for online banking, or use a banking app.

4. Check your travel insurance

With policies ranging widely, it’s crucial to check the small print to ensure you are correctly covered for the trip. Most people may think they are covered under annual travel insurance, however this only allows customers to be away for 31 to 45 days per single trip, despite permitting multiple holidays. There are specific back packer policies for trips of more than one month and up to one year, which become void if you return to the UK at anytime during your trip. recommends at least the following level of cover:

  • £2m for medical expenses
  • £1m personal liability
  • £3000 cancellation – or enough to cover the total cost of your holiday
  • £1500 baggage
  • £250 for cash
  • Policy excesses under £100
  • Cover for scheduled airline failure and end supplier failure is desirable
  • Delay cover (e.g. £20/hour for first 12 hours).

5. Stay covered with EHIC and health insurance


6. Using your mobile phone, tablet or PC abroad

If you’re using your phone, tablet or PC while you’re abroad, ensure you know what charges are being applied for calls, messages and data downloads, as costs increase significantly when you leave UK and European shores. Ensuring you are on a provider’s specialised overseas tariff is one way to reduce phone and data costs. Also use free internet wifi hotspots wherever possible to minimise costs.

7. Check passport and visa deadlines

Check your passport is valid for a minimum of six months after the date you plan to return to the UK. You should also check whether you require visas for the destinations you are planning to go to, particularly if you intend to work abroad. These can take several weeks to arrange and are rarely free so check with the relevant embassies as early as possible otherwise your travel plans may well unravel if you don’t have the right documents.

8. Keep emergency numbers

Make sure you have all your details and numbers recorded, in the case of emergency. Keeping a note of cards numbers, ticket numbers, travel insurance details and telephone numbers such as your bank, insurer, or the British Embassy could be vital in time of need. Keep a physical copy of these numbers and a copy online which you can download in an emergency. Also leave numbers with a friend or relative in case you are unable to access them while away.

9. Using your driving licence abroad


10. Protect your day to day affairs while away

It is vital you deal with your domestic arrangements when away. If you leave your house empty for the duration, you will need to inform your home insurance provider and discuss the implications of doing so. For those away for a long time, consider renting out your home for an additional income, and this can be done through a management company or family member who can look after everything. Ensure you have set up arrangements for bills to be paid and that you have access to your accounts via the internet when you travel.

Bob Atkinson all

"Planning really is the key when it comes to gap year finances and having the right products in your wallets can really save a packet, allowing you to make the most of the adventures while keeping covered. After all, no one wants to have to cut their trip short, or worse get stranded with no money, just because they didn’t plan properly."’s customer commitment

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