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No matter what size your business might be, NRI has got something you need. The company provides almost everything an office or data center needs to stay ahead.

No matter what size your business might be, Morrisville-based NRI, Inc. has got something you need. The company provides technological consulting services, state-of-the-art print solutions, network management, hardware and software solutions, and almost everything an office or data center needs to stay ahead. CEO Phil Lanctot, Jr. talks about paradoxes, hiring, and listening to the voice of experience.

Why do you feel there’s a need for what you provide?

Most offices have evolved into an entirely networked system consisting of various interrelated components. NRI serves as a one-stop-shop that provides the needs of an entire office environment from paper to printers, and computers to consultation. Businesses find that it makes both financial and practical sense to establish relationships with vendors that can provide both solutions and supplies.

On the technological side, the trend in many corporate data centers is to reduce square footage while simultaneously allowing for expansion. NRI fills this seemingly paradoxical need with solutions that reduce server, hardware, rack, and cabling space and also reduces the amount of personnel needed inside the data center.

Why do you focus so strongly on the print environment for a client?

We’re able to help companies design profitable or, at the least, cost-effective print environments. NRI often helps to significantly reduce existing print environment expenses by reducing the amount of printers some businesses have within their offices. We frequently find that businesses have too many printers or the wrong type of printers that have become a cash flow leak. Also, because of our experience and reputation, we provide warranty service for some top manufacturers. This privilege lends itself to building solid business relationships and the opportunity to offer complete print environment needs.

What kinds of challenges do you find in running a family-owned business?

The greatest challenge that we find in running our family-owned business is succession planning. Fortunately, the three brothers–Phil Jr., Greg, and Mike –each have separate interests that lend themselves to separate and distinct roles. There are, however, several challenges in the transition itself from father to son.

My father, who started the company, needs to know when to stand aside at times and his son needs to know when to heed the voice of experience. Both handing over and accepting control of a company is serious business. And so to manage this awesome task in a manner that keeps the interests of the business itself foremost, and is most fair to father and son, we’ve formed an outside board of directors to advise us in the transition, as well as hired an outside consultant who specializes in the matters of succession.

What do you like best about what you do?

While there are a number of aspects I like about being CEO, the part I like the most is creating new jobs. Hiring people, giving them opportunities, and watching them grow within the organization is one of the most rewarding experiences I enjoy. On the other side of the coin are challenges and difficulties. I enjoy solving problems both internally and to the satisfaction of our customers. Last, but not at all least, I love working with the latest technology. There is no thrill like hanging out on the cutting edge!

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