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New Timex Ironman Run Trainer GPS Watch – So Fly

[1]Bozeman, MT – Our test team at the Heart Rate Watch Company have been a touch suspect of the Timex GPS watch solutions until recently, but with the recent Timex Run Trainer [2] we do believe they have once and for all got it right. By right we mean built-in GPS, not the dimensions of a small cooler, appears to be an every day watch, has an reasonable selling price, doesn’t take 5 minutes to receive satellites, and integrates by means of Training Peaks Online Log.Thanks to Timex rolling out the Ironman Run Trainer in October of 2011 and offering a under $200 runners GPS watch [3], this particular heart rate monitor seems positioned to do very well this Christmas.Electronic Timers GaloreThis Timex offers up to 5 programmable repeating timers with labels. This heart rate monitor [4] offers a recuperation timer using a user defined time-span, which seems like a pretty cool attribute. We certainly have always advocated for measuring recuperation to determine how conditioning has improved.A Completely New and Enhanced Soft Chest StrapThe new Flextech Digital chest strap delivers 2.4 mHz signal and is also ANT+ suitable. This particular strap is much more comfortable than the old Timex rubber and plastic chest bands, and it also is much lighter in weight, resulting in a win/win for running enthusiasts of every persuasion.There’s also built-in food and drink electronic timers if remembering this is important.Download All The InformationMove your information by using a provided USB cable which also works as the recharging system for the watch unit. Almost all GPS monitors employ standard rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs because they use up lots of electrical power receiving reception. The provided cable allows the user to take advantage of Training Peaks Online Log by simply attaching Device Agent to the Timex Run Trainer.For How Long Can It Survive?Timex states the battery can last 9 hours on a single charge. Based upon the sleeker profile of this new monitor we’re counting on a lot more like 7 to 8 continuous hours however we’ll find out more after we get a chance to test it for a few months.The claimed life of the battery makes the watch suitable for marathons but it could easily get cut a little short on very long runs of over eight hours. For this type of running it would probably be smarter to look at the Timex Global Trainer GPS. This holds exactly true for Ironman distance races in that the Timex Global Trainer will be the best choice.SummaryWhen all is said and done the Timex Run Trainer is in the same space as the Garmin 210 [5], but with a slightly lower price point. Training Peaks Online log will not carry out every one of the advanced mapping functions and elevation features of the Garmin Connect software, so there is nonetheless that fight between price point as well as features. The software platform is one of the more critical considerations when selecting a fitness gadget and yet it is usually one of the least considered factors from the buying public.This new watch is loaded with lots of excellent timing and stop watch features, which is a Timex hallmark. The much improved GPS acquisition and nicer heart rate strap ought to make this GPS watch the single most exciting new GPS watch from Timex in years.  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

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