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New Era of Smart Tablets and Handheld Mobile Internet Devices Create New Wireless Challenges, Drive Demand for Better Wi-Fi

SUNNYVALE, Calif. Feb. 28, 2011 Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi

Emerging smart tablet devices present new wireless connectivity challenges for corporations. Unlike conventional laptops that tend to stay in a fixed position, iPads and other new smart mobile devices are constantly moving because they are held in the hands of users who are continually altering the orientation of the device. The slightest change in antenna orientation of these devices has shown to cause dramatic swings in wireless performance as the integrity of the signal path is in a continual state of change.

Jamie Steck

Conventional Wi-Fi systems, using standard omni-directional antennas, have no ability to adaptively cope with device orientation changes. These systems, functioning like audio speakers, blast Wi-Fi signals in all directions. Patented advances in Wi-Fi, called adaptive antenna technology, overcome these problems by constantly steering Wi-Fi signals over the best path for each device, even as the device changes its orientation. This adaptation happens on a packet-by-packet basis as the Smart Wi-Fi system learns how it is performing based on real-time feedback from each client device.

Wi-Fi Capable Devices Dominate Data Traffic

May 2010

Throughout the U.S. and abroad, K-12 schools and universities are utilizing iPads, iPhones, tablets and other handheld devices to enable mobility in the classroom and achieve higher standards of learning. Meanwhile hospitals and clinics rely on iPads and mobile devices to support Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software and deliver better bedside patient care.

The Ruckus Wireless Smart Wi-Fi equipment is often selected in these environments over other available wireless LAN solutions because of its reliable performance and ability to support high client density requirements, typical of large-scale mobile device usage.  

Hood River Oregon Central York Pennsylvania

Joe Lucia Central York


iPads at School

Pennsylvania Central York

With the district’s previous wireless network, there were continuous problems. The Wi-Fi gear had difficulty interoperating with the various Apple devices, and connections were constantly dropped and signal range was poor. As the district’s use of mobile devices and laptop computers grew, the need to move to 802.11n became increasingly important, according to Lucia.

"With such heavy use of mobile devices, as well as our plans to beta test certain devices in the classroom, we knew we needed a more powerful wireless network that was more adaptive," said Lucia.

Central York

Each Ruckus ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi AP integrates a patented smart antenna array that focuses and directs Wi-Fi signals over the best signal path, automatically mitigating interference to ensure the highest data rates and consistent performance wherever clients roam. ZoneFlex Smart Wi-Fi access points can be deployed as standalone APs without a controller or with a controller as a fully centralized wireless LAN system.  

"Not only does the Ruckus Wi-Fi network support our high density requirements, but we also use the wireless network for pretty much all our operational needs," said Lucia. "Without it, our entire system would be crippled."

$250 million

Tod Hilstad Hood River

"The iPad is magical – it captures kids’ attention and makes learning fun. With schools under pressure to have wireless in the classroom for laptops and other devices, use of the iPad and Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi presents the perfect opportunity to use advanced technology as a foundation for learning," he said.


To blanket all of the district’s schools with reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi, he purchased 70 Ruckus ZoneFlex 802.11n dual-band access points, and ZoneDirector 3000 controllers.

"I wrestled with the inadequacies of our previous system for years, and it’s such a relief to have a self-optimizing, self-healing Wi-Fi network that not only keeps up with current demands, but that will also serve us long into the future," said Hilstad.

iPads and Smart Wi-Fi are Good Medicine for Healthcare


"Previously our clinic had a wireless network made up of Cisco access points," said Steck at CUC. "Once we started using iPads to support our EMR application — which requires a connection to our Citrix application to run properly – we had major trouble. The Cisco system just couldn’t provide the connection speeds needed to make the application work.

"With smarter Wi-Fi technology that can account for environmental changes, the AllScripts application performed so much faster and encountered no glitches whatsoever. We were amazed," said Steck.

Southern Utah

"With all the advantages mobility in healthcare offers patients and medical staff, it’s become critically important to all of our practices. But without a robust and easily managed Wi-Fi network to keep everything running smoothly, our plans would be a pipe-dream," said Steck. "Ruckus has been the powerful cure we needed."

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