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New $140 Million Funding Deal for a 45MW Waste-to-Energy Plant in Costa Rica Engineered by Merchant Banking Firm, With Enthousiastic Government Backing

(PRWEB) October 19, 2011

Capital Corp Merchant Banking has entered into a $140 million funding agreement with a US-based company to fund the first phase of a waste-to-energy plant, to be situated in Alajuela, Costa Rica. The full project will eventually amount to an investment totalling $400 million. As the Costa Rican government has grown impatient with landfills’ negative impacts, this development comes at a most opportune time.

The funding agreement is based on 11% common stock and 89% debenture. The project consists of starting with a plant capable of generating 15 MW/hr of electricity, after which it will build 2 (two) additional plants that will produce 15 MW/hr of electricity each, derived from various wastes, for a total of 45 MW.

The technology for the plant comes from Entech Renewable Energy Solutions, a technology provider and global leader in Low Temperature Gasification technology.

Costa Rica, like many other countries around the world, is facing a waste management problem and energy crisis; its landfill dilemma has social, economic, and environmental repercussions; it struggles to keep up with increasing demand for electricity; its power production is limited, which has engendered setbacks in growth; and energy production and waste management have become highly politicized issues. This project represents a long-term solution to both waste management and electricity production, while taking into account the country’s efforts to preserve its ecological and environmental balance. In fact, the Costa Rican Ministry of Health ruled in 2010 that municipalities would have to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly means of processing municipal solid waste (MSW) henceforth.

The plant has the capacity to convert 100% of landfill waste, and once completely finished it will be able to handle an intake of 520,000 tons of gasifiable waste and generate electricity up to 47.4 MW/hr.

Economic benefits to be derived from this ambitious project include but are not limited to: reduced cost of generating electricity; greater distribution of electricity throughout Costa Rica; reduce landfill-designated areas and thus reduce local pollution; increase property values in surrounding areas; myriad recycling benefits; and greater tourism value for Costa Rica as an eco-tourism hotspot as the country becomes ‘greener’.

This project will also play a major role in Costa Rica’s effort to reach its ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first carbon neutral country by 2021. With this first project and 2 anticipated similar projects of similar size, the client intends to contribute to the reduction in the country’s carbon footprint by well over 4 million tons of carbon or equivalent greenhouse gases over the next decade.

The method by which this project is to be funded is the brainchild of Mr Gilles Herard, Jr. Mr Herard is a seasoned Merchant Banker and has been in the banking industry for 38 years. He worked early in his career at the Toronto Dominion Bank (Canada) and later on joined Manufacturer Hanover (MH) of New York as Senior Credit Analyst. He eventually created his own Firm, Capital Corp Merchant Banking, where he syndicates and structures funding for top companies worldwide, all the while investing his own firm’s funds into the projects. As the head of Capital Corp Merchant Banking, Mr Herard has become a leading figure in international middle-market project financing and engineers all funding structures for projects at Capital Corp. Mr Herard has received numerous awards for his work and other contributions including being appointed to the Presidential Business Commission, Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council, nominated as Executive of the Year by the internationally acclaimed National Register’s Who’s Who, and having received the Senatorial Medal of Freedom, among many others.

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