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Never Miss a Beat with Scorecerer 5.6 for iPad: Sheet Music Manager is Faster and Easier to Use

[1]New from Deskew Technologies [2], the Scorecerer 5.6 [3] for iPad lets musicians quickly load sheet music, effortlessly organize songs into set lists and seamlessly add handwritten notations and highlights. It also handles PDF conversions with ease and automatically turns pages instantly, so there’s no need to miss a beat.Through the app’s sophisticated use of MIDI, moreover, keyboard players can load songs and change pages directly from their MIDI-compatible instrument. They can also change the sounds on their keyboards or their digital audio workstation (DAW) software.Scorecerer 5.6 for iPad ($9.99) works seamlessly with any DAW, including Cubase, ProTools, Logic and MOTU Digital Performer. For solo musicians using a DAW sequencer to play backing tracks, for example, it’s easy to insert a program change into the Scorecerer track that will trigger the correct page to be displayed automatically at exactly the right moment so there’s no need to tap the screen or fumble with a foot switch.To play songs that include verse repeats and DS al Coda parts, which require musicians to flip back and forth within a song sheet, Scorecerer makes it simple to arrange pages in whichever sequence makes the most sense for a particular song without having to rely on the “back” button.“It has never been easier to convert pages of sheet music into digital form and now, with Scorecerer 5.6, musicians have more power at their fingertips than ever to interact with sheet music,” said David Jameson, co-founder of Deskew Technologies. “Our goal is to simplify the digital sheet music experience by letting people scan, manage and use their music library in ways they never thought possible.”Deskew Technologies also offers the free app Scorecerer Lite for iPad, which is functionally equivalent to Scorecerer 5.6 and holds 15 songs.In order to take advantage of Scorecerer 5.6 for iPad and Scorecerer Lite for iPad, users must download the free Scorecerer Desktop (iPad Edition), which works with Mac and Windows systems to manage and sync sheet music libraries with the Scorecerer 5.6 for iPad. Scorecerer Desktop (iPad Edition) lets users import scanned images and PDF files and can accommodate the importation of an entire folder in one step rather than individually. It helps straighten out crooked scans, remove empty border space and create new lead sheets from existing sheet music, which can then be published on the iPad.Scorecerer Desktop Pro ($39.95) offers even more functionality, since it facilitates the transfer of sheet music to formats other than the iPad. In addition to including all the features of the Scorecerer Desktop (iPad Edition), it also lets users publish an imported song as a set of images in a folder, publish an imported song as a stand-alone PDF file with the borders removed, publish to the Amazon Kindle DX and publish formatted PDF files to the Freehand Systems MusicPad Pro.Scorecerer Desktop Pro also makes it easy to separate out multiple songs from an imported PDF file. If a user drops in a PDF file that contains dozens of songs (a fakebook perhaps), then it is possible to scroll through the PDF and push a button to split the document up into as many songs as the user desires.Unlike many other digital sheet music products on the market, which seek to sell new versions of songs, Scorecerer’s advanced sheet music management system helps musicians effortlessly scan their hard copies of songs, songbooks, lead sheets, fake books and other collections into their desktop or laptop, which can then be imported to mobile devices.About Deskew Technologies Founded in 2009, Deskew Technologies, LLC creates products that enhance workflow productivity to save people time. With offices in the United States and Canada, the company develops Web, smart phone (Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android) and desktop applications for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. [1] [2] [3]

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