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Learn A New Language With These 10 Great Apps

Want to learn a new language but don’t have the time or desire to take classes? Check out these 10 apps to get you to speak another language in no time.

1. Duolingo

Source: / Google Play Store

Duolingo is a fun, game-like language learning app that makes learning feel like playing. It uses quick quizzes and daily challenges to help you practice. The app also keeps you motivated with rewards and leaderboards.

Duolingo Features

Source: / Google Play Store

With bite-sized lessons, it’s easy to fit learning into your day, even if you’re on the go. You can choose from over 30 languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Japanese. Plus, it adapts to your learning pace and helps you track progress.

2. Babbel

Source: / Google Play Store

Babbel focuses on practical conversations, making it great for travelers or those needing language skills for work. Lessons are crafted by language experts and help you build vocabulary relevant to real-life situations. It also uses speech recognition to improve pronunciation.

Babbel Features

Source: / Google Play Store

The app’s courses are divided into levels, so beginners can start easy while advanced learners dive into more challenging topics. With interactive dialogues and grammar tips, Babbel gives a well-rounded approach to learning.

3. Memrise

Source: Google Play Store

Memrise stands out with its creative and entertaining approach to learning. It uses short video clips featuring native speakers, letting you hear how the language is spoken in everyday life. You can choose from many languages, from Spanish to Korean.

Memrise Features

Source: / Google Play Store

It’s perfect for building vocabulary through repetition and quizzes that keep you engaged. Memrise also personalizes the learning process, helping you focus on words you’re struggling with.

4. Rosetta Stone

Source: / Google Play Store

Rosetta Stone is a classic in the language learning world, known for its immersive teaching style. Instead of translating words into your native language, it shows images and context to help you think directly in the new language.

Rosetta Stone Features

Source: / Google Play Store

Its speech recognition feature helps you fine-tune your pronunciation. With guided lessons and real-world scenarios, you’ll gain confidence in your speaking skills. Rosetta Stone has programs for both beginners and advanced learners.


Source: / Google Play Store

Busuu combines language lessons with community features. You can complete lessons at your own pace, and native speakers can review your exercises for corrections. The app provides courses based on CEFR standards, from beginner to advanced.

Busuu Features

Source: / Google Play Store

It includes a range of helpful resources like grammar tips, vocabulary exercises, and listening practice. By integrating audio recordings, Busuu allows you to practice speaking and listening in a practical context.

6. HelloTalk

Source: / Google Play Store

HelloTalk is unique because it connects you directly with native speakers. You chat with them using text, voice, or video calls while correcting each other’s messages for language practice. This way, you learn real conversational phrases and cultural nuances.

HelloTalk Features

Source: / Google Play Store

The app has a translation tool if you get stuck but encourages learning through conversation. It’s like a global language exchange, perfect for those who prefer a social approach to learning.

7. Pimsleur

Source: / Google Play Store

Pimsleur is all about audio-based learning, focusing on listening and speaking skills. Its method involves repeating phrases out loud and listening to native speakers for accurate pronunciation. The lessons are about 30 minutes each, perfect for a daily routine.

Pimsleur Features

Source: / Google Play Store

The courses cover over 50 languages, and the app includes features like quizzes and reading exercises to support vocabulary building. It’s ideal for those who want to learn while driving or multitasking.

8. Lingodeer

Source: / Google Play Store

Lingodeer excels at teaching Asian languages like Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. The app’s curriculum uses engaging stories to immerse you in grammar and vocabulary.

Lingodeer Features

Source: / Google Play Store

It features short lessons that fit into any schedule. There are detailed explanations and exercises to test what you’ve learned, ensuring you understand the grammar structure.

9. Mondly

Source: / Google Play Store

Mondly is a visual-based learning app with colorful illustrations and engaging quizzes. It lets you hear how native speakers pronounce words and phrases through recorded conversations.

Mondly Features

Source: / Google Play Store

The app adapts to your learning style and pace, giving you daily reminders to keep you on track. Mondly covers over 30 languages, and its chatbot provides simulated conversations to practice speaking.

10. Beelinguapp

Source: / Google Play Store

Beelinguapp is for those who love stories and want to improve their language through reading. It shows texts in both your native and target languages side by side, helping you learn vocabulary in context.

Beelinguapp Features

Source: / Google Play Store

You can listen to audiobooks or narrated stories, improving listening skills while following along. With diverse reading material, from fairy tales to news articles, it’s an enjoyable way to expand your vocabulary.

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