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Lavalife Presents Unbeatable Tips for Breaking Out of a Dating Rut

TORONTO March 1, 2011

Kim Hughes

With Lavalife’s tips, single women and men will meet a variety of new people and possibly even The One. Plus, it’s spring – the best time of the year to start fresh.

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Relationship Spring Cleaning Tips:

Tip #1

Lose the check list and try dating someone who is the complete opposite of your usual type. Men and women often get so wrapped up in superficial requirements that they miss out on who a person is at their core. Ditch the list. Then open your eyes. Mr. Right may have been next to you all along and you failed to realize it.

Tip #2

Make a point of contacting/meeting someone just outside your social circle, comfort zone or even city’s limits. It’s amazing how small the day-by-day circumference of our lives can be (office, gym, local library – repeat!) and how just a few miles can seem a world away. Become a regular at a new bar or coffee shop, take a class at the gym that is on the other side of town, go see a local band that you have never heard of… Change your search criteria on Lavalife and find a whole new crop of amazing people.  

Tips #3

Enlist your best friend to help bust you out of your dating rut. Have her go online at and suggest three or four guys to make first contact with based on what she knows and loves about you and what she perceives to be a promising match based on a guy’s individual profile. Chances are she’ll unearth someone you might have overlooked.

Tip #4

Make a conscious effort to speak to one stranger every single day. It may be a passing comment about the book your fellow transit rider is reading or a gripe about the price of fruit to the person standing in line behind you at the market. Whatever – just get chatting. It’ll boost your real-world confidence and you just never know… that girl on the bus might play tennis with The One.

Tip #5

This one is daring but novel: using social media such as Facebook, appeal to other Lavalife members to nominate an otherwise nice guy or girl they went out with but didn’t spark with as someone you should consider dating. Think of it as a 21st century spin on the old chestnut, "One man’s trash is another’s treasure."

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