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Jyco awarded second global contract as greener technology drives future of automotive weathersealing

Ann Arbor, Michigan (PRWEB) April 11, 2012

Jyco Sealing Technologies has been awarded its second global contract for automotive weathersealing in the last twelve months, the company announced today. While details remain confidential at the OEM’s request, Jyco acknowledged that environmental advantages of their products and process were major factors in both contracts.

Jyco specializes in the design, engineering and production of thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) weathersealing systems for vehicular applications such as doors, windows, sunroofs, hoods and trunks, as well as a wide range of industrial applications.

“TPV is a major draw for OEMs looking to build the greenest possible vehicles,” stated Shawn Jyawook, Jyco’s chief operating officer. “Until 2000, car window and door seals were themselves something of an environmental liability. TPV is changing all that.”

Prior to the emergence of TPV, which was largely led in the North American market by Jyco, the industry standard for weatherstripping was EPDM, a rubber compound that generated VOCs, carbon particulates and dumpsters full of unreclaimable scrap during processing. Unlike EPDM, TPV is a rubber-plastic compound that can be processed without generating volatile organic compounds or particulate emissions. Scrap is 100% recyclable and directly reprocessable.

According to Jyco, parts made with their proprietary TPV compound, called JyFlex, match or improve sealing performance of rubber parts while reducing the weight of the part as much as 30% to help improve fuel efficiency.

“Working with TPV has proven to cut finished part cost by simplifying fabrication, reducing processing times, and lowering or eliminating scrap rates. By the time the dust settles, finished part costs are typically 20% lower than EPDM,” says Mr. Jyawook. “If you make better-performing weatherstripping that’s also better for the environment as well as the OEM’s bottom line, the world will come to your door seal.”

Greener technology is nothing new to Jyco, which has been a pioneer in TPV processing and sealing technology since its founding in 2000. In 2007, the company introduced JyGreen, landmark technology to recycle tires into high performance extruded TPV automotive weatherseal systems.

“JyGreen has proven to be a bright green win all the way around,” added Mr. Jyawook. “Tires have been a bulk contributor to landfills for many years. By recycling them, we’re helping our customers build more environmentally responsible vehicles than ever before, giving consumers better performing weather sealing systems, and saving everyone money in the process.”

Jyco takes a similarly green approach to its operations worldwide, which now include locations in Canada, China, Japan, Mexico and the United States. They have developed corporate policies for LEED standards to guide all future renovations, expansions and new plant construction, even for their facilities in low-cost offshore countries where tight environmental standards do not apply. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is the United States’ accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

Jyco is the only supplier to have earned a Corporate TS/ISO/16949/9000 certification for Design, Testing, and Manufacturing of TPV seals.

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