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iPhone SE 4 Details: Release Date, Specs, and Features (All In)

Apple’s highly anticipated fourth-generation iPhone SE, codenamed Ghost, is poised to usher in a new era of design and hardware enhancements. Set to take inspiration from the cutting-edge iPhone 14, the iPhone SE 4 will showcase a revamped aesthetic, utilizing a modified version of its chassis while maintaining rigorous testing parameters derived from its flagship counterpart.

Reports suggest a significant departure from the conventional, as the iPhone SE 4 is slated to introduce an Action button and embrace the convenience of a USB-C port. The camera setup is expected to feature a single-lens configuration aligned with a flash, reminiscent of the acclaimed third-generation iPhone SE. Notably, the device is rumored to boast a powerful 48-megapixel rear camera and incorporate a state-of-the-art OLED panel, drawing parallels with the technological prowess of the iPhone 14.

In a departure from tradition, the iPhone SE 4 is anticipated to bid farewell to the Touch ID home button, paving the way for the integration of Face ID as the primary biometric identification method. Apple’s ambitious venture extends beyond the surface, with reports indicating the development of an in-house 5G modem, codenamed Sinope.

While initial speculation hinted at the iPhone SE 4 being a dedicated testing ground for the new modem, the meticulous attention invested in its overall design, including iterative changes to the camera bump and various components, suggests a broader and more impactful purpose for this innovative device.

Stick with me till the end while I shed some light on the key points one by one.

Key Takeaways

The iPhone SE 4 is expected to feature a new design derived almost entirely from the base model iPhone 14.

The device may feature an Action button and a USB-C port in addition to a single-camera setup with a flash aligned in an arrangement similar to the third-generation iPhone SE.The iPhone SE 4 will not feature a Touch ID home button, but will instead have Face ID as the means of biometric identification. Check this information synergised here:

DesignDerived from iPhone 14, modified chassis
Display6.1-inch Retina display with OLED technology
Button ConfigurationIntroduction of Action button, USB-C port
Rear Camera48-megapixel, single-lens setup with flash
Biometric IdentificationFace ID (No Touch ID home button)
ConnectivityIn-house 5G modem (Codenamed Sinope) for testing
Operating SystemiOS 17.2 (potentially subject to updates)
ChipsetA15 Bionic
Storage OptionsUp to 1TB
Expected AnnouncementFirst half of 2022
Expected Starting PriceComparable to iPhone 13 (exact price not confirmed)
Notable Features– Advanced camera capabilities
– Modernized design with innovative controls
– Emphasis on 5G connectivity
– Shift from Touch ID to Face ID for biometric recognition
Overall features

New Features

Popular Stories

Apple has released the first beta version of iOS 17.3, which is expected to be released in January or February. The update includes two new features. While the update will be compatible with iPhone XS and newer models, some iOS 17 features require newer iPhone models. The new features include:

Stolen Device Protection:

This feature will protect users from thieves who spy on their iPhone passcode before stealing the device. With knowledge of the passcode, the thief can change the victim’s Apple ID. This feature will help users protect their data in case their device is stolen.

Improved Blood Oxygen Sensor Algorithms:

Apple engineers are “racing” to change the algorithms used for the blood oxygen sensor in the Apple Watch to avoid having to halt device sales. The change is aimed at avoiding an imminent import ban stemming from a patent dispute with medical device company Masimo.

The iPhone SE 4 showcases its revamped aesthetic, featuring a sleek design derived from the iPhone 14, bidding farewell to the traditional home button in favor of Face ID

Apple Preparing iOS 17.2.1 Update for iPhone

Apple appears to be internally testing an iOS 17.2.1 update for the iPhone. The update will likely be a minor update with fixes for bugs and/or security vulnerabilities.

Apple Pausing Sales of Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 in U.S. Due to Patent Dispute

Apple will be pausing sales of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 in the U.S. later this week due to an ongoing patent dispute with medical tech company Masimo related to blood oxygen sensing. The Series 9 and Ultra 2 will no longer be available to purchase on Apple’s website or in its retail stores.

Apple Releases iOS 17.2.1 With Bug Fixes

Apple has released iOS 17.2.1, a minor update to the iOS 17 operating system that first came out in September. The update comes shortly after Apple released iOS 17.2, which brought the Journal app, spatial video recording, and more.

AirPods 4 to Get New Design, Updated Case, and Active Noise Cancellation

Apple will introduce a fourth-generation version of the AirPods in 2024 with several new features to make the earbuds more appealing to consumers. There will be two versions of the AirPods 4 that are available at two different price points, with Apple aiming to replace both the AirPods 3 and the lower-priced.

Time shown on an iphone
A closer look at the side of the iPhone SE 4 reveals the introduction of an Action button, providing users with a new interactive experience, alongside the convenience of the USB-C port.

iOS 17.3 Adds New Feature That Every iPhone User Should Know About

Apple’s upcoming iOS 17.3 software update includes an important new feature that all iPhone users should know about Stolen Device Protection. Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported about thieves spying on an iPhone user’s passcode before stealing the device, often in public places like bars. With knowledge of the passcode, the thief can then change the victim’s Apple ID.

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In conclusion,

  • The iPhone SE 4 promises to be a groundbreaking addition to Apple’s lineup, blending elements from the flagship iPhone 14 with a unique design that sets it apart in the market. With notable features like the introduction of an Action button, the convenience of a USB-C port, and a powerful 48-megapixel rear camera coupled with an advanced OLED panel, the device is poised to deliver a compelling user experience.
  • The departure from the Touch ID home button in favor of Face ID adds a touch of modernity to the device, aligning with Apple’s ongoing commitment to cutting-edge technology. Additionally, the incorporation of the in-house 5G modem, codenamed Sinope, signifies Apple’s ambitious stride toward further innovation.
  • As we await the official unveiling and release of the iPhone SE 4, the anticipation for this device extends beyond mere hardware upgrades, hinting at Apple’s commitment to pushing boundaries and introducing new technologies to a broader audience. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development in the world of Apple products.
A box with iphone on it
The iPhone SE 4’s display comes to life with a state-of-the-art OLED panel.

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