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Instant Messaging for Placing Orders – ICAP Ocean Tomo Announces Convenient New Way to Sell – With Over One Billion Users Worldwide(1)

CHICAGO Feb. 28, 2011 ICAP Ocean Tomo

New York March 31st

Key Characteristics & Benefits

The lot discloses the following:  

  • Technology to power a vendor’s instant messaging presence to create an automated sales channel.
  • The patent in this lot allows for a system where a vendor signs on with an instant messaging service using a unique name, which customers can add to their contact lists.
  • Software resident on a vendor’s computer responds by supplying a list of goods and/or services. The customer makes one or more selections and generates an order to the vendor.
  • Customers are then able to initiate an instant message communication with a selected vendor for ordering purposes.
  • Now vendors can have commerce-enabled instant messaging profiles just as they have eCommerce websites.
    1. They are powerful and engaging interactive marketing tools that provide a constant presence to the customer.
    2. They allow vendors to send out proactive marketing messages
  • System supplies a platform useful for conducting market research and enabling and viral marketing.
  • Overall, enabling commerce through new technologies increases revenues by creating alternative methods for accepting customer orders.
  • Additional sales platforms also serve to extend the reach, exposure, and appeal of vendor brands.
  • This lot has already been cited by Pivot Solutions and Rockwell Collins.

Market Potential

This patent should be of interest for the following reasons:

  • Market research suggests that by 2012 there will be more than 1.6 billion instant messaging users around the world.(1)
  • $119 billion
  • Based on figures such as these, this lot should be of interest to software companies, retailers, mobile service providers, and virtually all entities involved in eCommerce.

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