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Information for Singapore Company about tax residence

What is a Non-resident

A company is considered non-resident in Singapore if the directors manage and control the business and hold board meetings from outside Singapore. This is true even if, for example, the lower level operations are taking place in Singapore. A company’s residence may change from one year of assessment to the next depending on the circumstances. A Singapore branch office of a foreign company is generally not treated as a Singapore tax resident since the control and management is vested with an overseas parent company.

Basis of Taxation
The basis of taxation for a resident company and non-resident company is generally the same with the exception of certain benefits that are available to resident companies.

These include:

·        A Singapore resident company is eligible for tax exemption scheme available for new start-up companies.

·        A Singapore resident company can enjoy tax exemption on foreign-sourced dividends, foreign branch profits, and foreign-sourced service income under section 13(8) of the Income Tax Act.

·        A Singapore resident company is entitled to benefits conferred under the Avoidance of Double Taxation Agreements (DTA) that Singapore has concluded with treaty countries.

A Singapore resident company is only taxed on Singapore-sourced income and foreign income which is remitted to Singapore, whereas a non-resident Singapore company would have to pay tax only on Singapore-sourced income.


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