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Increasing R&D Efforts to Propel Smart Windows Market

building-922529_1920What are Smart Windows?

The windows that possess the ability to become darker or lighter according to the brightness and heat of sunlight are called smart windows. Smart windows are the variety of high-tech glasses that can quickly change from clear to opaque or tinted, or that can selectively block light, heat or glare, according to specific climatic conditions.

Why are Smart Windows Needed?

We need windows for letting light and heat in a premise, but selectively. On a blinding summer day for instance, the sunlight that enters a premise contains an extreme quantity of heat that increases the temperature of the place, even with curtains and blinds in place. This requires you to keep those air conditioners continuously running – a huge waste of energy and money, also a nuisance for the environment. However, unlike walls and roof of a premise, windows cannot be insulated completely, nor can we permanently coat them with typical non-transparent materials that have the capability blocking light and thus reducing the heat of the premise.

The tremendous amount of energy used for operating ACs in commercial or residential complexes can put a huge burden on the energy-conscious world of today, and thus calls for ways to reduce these costs. Smart windows show the potential of reducing heating and cooling costs significantly. They also provide benefits such as window glasses turning dark to create privacy in conference rooms, or limiting sound transmission and easing the process of sterilization of premises such as hospitals where curtains make the process difficult, etc.

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