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The Internet has made it more possible than ever before for people to engage their passions and learn about the minutiae of the things they cherish most. Some people love Yorkshire terriers, or antique scooters, or Elvis clocks. Others have a deep, abiding fondness for their Palm Pilots, those ubiquitous PDAs that spawned a generation of imitators and wanna-bes. If you’re one of the stylus addicts, PalmGear is here for you.

Like a spare room stuffed with hobby gear, the site is a little too cluttered, but rich with content for the Palm junkie. It’s difficult to imagine a Palm-related item that isn’t included in the various sections, which cover news, tips, software, reviews, user group announcements, and related links.

There are also downloads of software that range from the useful, like a cross-platform media reader, to the goofy, like a shopping list manager.

They’re sorted by categories such as science, time management, games, databases, and business. Separated from the pack are the site’s top choices and the most popular downloads. After all, you have to stay ahead of the other Palm junkies, right? PalmGear makes it fabulously easy to stuff your PDA with all the latest and greatest software picks.

Amidst the deluge of information and downloads, unfortunately, there are also quite a few ads (but thankfully no pop-ups) that have to be navigated. Banner ads are supplemented by blinking software downloads du jour, and the effect can be overwhelming. Still, you can’t blame a dot-com for keeping afloat by such means these days, and the ad-to-info ratio is still good enough to keep most ad-hating surfers happy.

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