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FOREX CLUB in Partnership with Gallant VPS Launches tradeCloud for Clients – Online Access Anytime, Anywhere to Services and Platforms

NEW YORK April 23, 2012

FOREX CLUB, a leading[1] online brokerage company, has today announced the launch of tradeCloud. It is a new global service that provides traders with 24/7 online access anytime, anywhere via computer or smartphone to its services, trading terminals, analytics and trading advisors. FOREX CLUB is proud to have launched the service in partnership with Gallant VPS, one of the leading VPS providers.  tradeCloud opens up a broader, more efficient range of client trading and account management opportunities by bringing access to all of its services, platforms and much else via one service.  The service ensures a minimum 99.96% uptime and availability.  In the event of a power surge or failure of internet access to the client’s computer or smartphone, a trading position or transaction remains open, providing client service continuity.

tradeCloud  Key Features and Benefits

           24/7 easy online     access to your entire  Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet     account from any type  Explorer, Opera or any browser supporting     of browser             Java technology       Fully mobile compliant Anywhere, anytime access via an iPhone ,                            iPad or Android, Blackberry, Palm, and                            Symbian devices     High speed of          Allows traders to react to every movement     operations             of the market     Lack of hardware       When working with tradeCloud, the client     requirements for the   gets access to the use of high-end servers     client                 for smooth operation.                            The client can trade on any device. All     High level of data     data will remain confidential, even if it     protection             was provided in the general access mode    Secure EA distribution  UNIX/LINUX hosted solution includes an                            "EA-Library", which protects the                            intellectual property of an EA developer                            and enables them to easily publish,                            protect, and distribute EAs to brokers in                            a safe and secure environment     Social network         tradeCloud is integrated with Twitter and     connectivity           other online social networks, which allows                            traders to read and follow Company`s                            tweets                            Managed data centres are strategically     Secure hosting of MT4  located across the globe to ensure geo     & expert advisors      latency and uptime (99.96%)                            Data centres located in North America,     Geo-location latency   Europe and Asia provide close proximity to     balancing              brokers and traders     Multi-lingual     capabilities           Available in English, Russian and Chinese     No download or         tradeCloud does not require installation     software required      of any additional software. To access, a                            user needs to only provide their username                            and password, or to log on without                            entering any credentials from within FX                            Bank. 

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February 2012

1. FOREX CLUB was rated in Forex Magnates’ Q4 2011 Industry Report as one of the top ten global brokers by retail forex volume

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