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Falcongaze announces the release of the new version of SecureTower

Falcongaze Company announces the release of the new version of SecureTower which is a comprehensive Information Security Platform designed to prevent data leaks and protect company against internal threats. New functional to inspect workstations for appearance of confidential documents on them, as well as the new server component, allowing to monitor statuses of all servers and system user actions, appeared in SecureTower 5.8. SecureTower was supplemented by tools that make the system even more effective anti-crisis solution, which allows companies to ensure reliable protection against information leakages, misuse of working time and industrial espionage in a situation of economic instability.


What’s New?

Workstations Indexing

Through the efforts of developers in Falcongaze SecureTower 5.8 the opportunity of indexing workstations which allows to scan computer drives in the corporate network for the availability of sensitive data was implemented.

Thanks to this, it’s possible to identify confidential corporate documents which for some reason reside on employee workstations: received from colleagues via email or instant messengers, copied from USB drives or network shares, downloaded from cloud storages. To control the movement of critical data in the system it is possible to create a bank of reference documents, the circulation of which must be monitored. Monitoring of employee workstations is carried out automatically: customized security policies in the system are activated when on a computer of an employee the document coinciding with the sample stored in the database appears.

Indexing of employee workstations enables to prevent the leakage of valuable information. The timely detection of unauthorized access to confidential documents allows you to quickly take action and prevent the incident with further dissemination of the data.


Health Monitor Server

In the new version of SecureTower a series of transformations continued, designed to make the work with the system the most accurate and to make the life of security officers easier. In particular, in SecureTower 5.8 a new component Health Monitor Server – appeared. Health Monitor Server interacts with all server components of the system, monitors the status of each of them and, in case of any problems in their work, sends notifications to the SecureTower user.

Health Monitor Server allows to track events of server components – it comes to information messages, warnings and error messages. In the administrator console the system user has the opportunity to have a look at any events reported by Health Monitor Server. Herewith you can choose the type of event, one or several server components on which operation you need information, as well as time interval. Many error messages are followed by recommendations to users what actions to take to resolve the error. In addition, there is an opportunity to create notification rules, so that reports of certain events would come to the specified email address. This allows to distribute and thus simplify the work of system administrators and security officers. Every specialist will receive the data on the operation of only those server components for which they are responsible.

Apart from this, the trigger of configured rules of Health Monitor Server provides an opportunity to timely address emerging challenges. For example, it is possible to create a rule to ensure that the system every time would send a message notifying that the database for centralized interception is not configured. This message indicates that the system captures data, but is not able to save them and display. It means that the users of the system do not get all the necessary information, but thanks to the Health Monitor Server the issue can be quickly resolved.

Among useful additions to the functionality of Health Monitor Server – spam protection. Thanks to this option, similar notifications are gathered in one letter for a certain period of time instead of coming one by one, clogging up the mailbox. Furthermore, it is possible to save the report on the work of any server for any period of time for any events in any popular format (PDF, HTML, XLS, Image and others), as well as to print.


Audio and video monitoring: simultaneous control of multiple users

Features of audio and video monitoring, implemented in previous versions of SecureTower, were functionally extended. Now it is possible to record audio streams from microphones on workstations of unlimited number of users. What is more, starting with the version 5.8 in SecureTower online video monitoring of remote desktops in the optimal range of up to 10 users simultaneously can be made. So, if a certain group of employees got under suspicion of security officers, it is possible to take them under detailed observation with simultaneous monitoring and recording of video from desktops of all these employees in real time. Watching all suspected of disloyalty users on a single screen, security officers are able to react instantly in case of committing illegal actions by any of them.


Interception of conversations through the Skype Web Client (Skype for Web)

Web client of popular messenger Skype, not so long ago presented by Microsoft Company, can now be controlled with the help of SecureTower. In SecureTower 5.8 the ability to intercept conversations in Skype for Web, designed for communication in the Skype network through a web browser, was added. If one of a company’s employees takes advantage of the service, located at, for example, on a business trip with a laptop that does not have Skype installed, SecureTower in a normal mode will intercept all sent and received by the new Microsoft product messages.


Improvements in SecureTower 5.8

In addition to the above, the new version of SecureTower received a number of improvements. It was replenished with the opportunity to monitor user activities in browsers Microsoft Edge and TorBrowser. New report types were added. An option to group web sites by a domain name appeared. In addition, the function of processes blocking was extended: now you can customize the prohibition to run programs not only by the name of a process, but also by attributes.


Today Russian enterprises are especially in dire need of specialized software, which is able to protect an organization from the leakage of critical information and other threats that make a company vulnerable to economic instability. SecureTower 5.8 system embodied all the functions of an anti-crisis tool to manage risks, prevent information security incidents, control the use of resources and working hours within the company – in short, all the features that allow you to keep the business afloat during the raging crisis,” said Alexander Akimov, CEO of Falcongaze

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