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Don’t Let Technical Failures Risk Your Companies Future

Eagle Technologies certainly did.

Eagle Technologies, LLC (ETL), a small veteran owned company located in Hampton Virginia, is a leading supplier of quality research and development products to limited production runs primarily focused on the aerospace industry. Eagle had embraced cloud applications when they selected Yahoo Business services to provide their email services over ten years ago. Yahoo is the 3rd largest email provider in the US , with over 13% market share, and Eagle had every reason to be secure in their service.

Eagle Technologies discovered otherwise and faced a serious problem when they were notified that their emails were being flagged as SPAM by their new client, a major OEM (original equipment manufacturer) aerospace company.

The OEM was using Trend Micro to detect SPAM on incoming emails and Eagle Technologies' emails were being tagged as SPAM.  Every email sent from Eagle never reached their target. Eagle reached out to Yahoo for assistance. Yahoo responded to Eagle that they do not separate their email routing between paying customers and free service members.

Eagle Technologies had been paying Yahoo for ten years for a premium service only to discover that their outbound email was being sent alongside reams of Yahoo's free email and being tagged as SPAM by standard filters.  Fortunately Eagle was forewarned by their client and was able to rectify the problem. Not all companies are that fortunate.

The common wisdom is that the larger the provider, the better. As such, many small to medium businesses flock to the largest provider they can with the hopes that they receive a better product. There is a case to be madefor using the services of the largest provider; Walmart makes that case effectively. But while this 'the larger the better' approach works for toasters and TV sets one may not want to rely on them for  core services, such as email, that are the backbone of any business. Services that one's business depends on day-in and day-out are best provided by companies that specialize in these services.

Siamak Farah, CEO of InfoStreet observed “In today’s world, all are focused on their core competency and run to their fullest extent to be competitive. There is no margin left for underlying technologies not working as expected. These tools, just like electricity, are assumed to be reliable, provide excellent services, and their absence will throw a company off-keel. Recovery for such incidents is almost never planned or budgeted for.”

Google and Yahoo are advertising behemoths and services such as email, business apps and other tools are simply ancillary services, provided as venues for additional advertising opportunities and as such, these companies do not provide the level of service that businesses require. Yahoo's unwillingness to segregate outgoing emails from the massive number of free accounts to their subscription accounts is a prime example. Google's Privacy Policy for all its products, including Gmail for business fails to guarantee their business users that their company's information will not be used by Google to develop additional products. Google states: “we may use the information we collect to: Provide, maintain, protect, and improve our services (including advertising services) and develop new services”.  Business that depends on email cannot afford the type of possible interruption of business that Eagle, unwittingly, faced by Yahoo.

Ignoring the email problem was not an option for Eagle.  Mia Copeland, VP of Contracts at Eagle, immediately began to reach out to best of class email service providers to find a solution. InfoStreet, known for providing carrier class email service to small businesses since 1995, was selected to assemble a solution tailored to the needs of Eagle.

By combining Email, Email Archiving, Website Hosting and Address Book Applications, InfoStreet was able to not only replicate the technology Eagle was using with Yahoo, but also enhance their services. After utilizing the service for a few weeks Mia Copeland was quoted stating, “Using an exclusive business email provider, who  specializes in business email coupled with their enhanced services, gives me the security knowing our reputation and service we provide to our customers will continue without interruption”

Eagle was faced with a company's worst nightmare- the potential loss of a valued client due to technical failures. Only this wasn't a failure that Eagle was even aware of. Today Eagle Technologies has a streamlined email solution that is not inhibited by companies blocking legitimate emails as SPAM. With InfoStreet, Eagle has found a trusted technology partner.

About the author:Marcy Hoffman is the VP of Demand Generation for InfoStreet, Inc.,a leading provider of business cloud apps. Marcy is a former entrepreneur, founding a number of marketing and technology companies and serves as a consultant to tech start-ups, helping them with their go-to-market strategies. She is the editor of InfoStreet's Small Business Blog.

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