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Signs That Your PC Has Been Hacked

You never know when you will face an emergency. Be it slipping on ice or accidentally clicking on a malicious link; you can never anticipate it beforehand. Hackers can break into your system and take complete control after infecting it with malware. The attackers may read your messages and steal your credentials while you have no idea what is [Read More...]


If your machine is crashing to a blue screen of death and displaying the error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL on a windows 10 machine don’t worry as I will show you how you can easily resolve this issue. What Causes the DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Error This error is usually caused by some sort of issues with a hardware driver, some [Read More...]

Protecting Your Online Accounts

Protecting your online accounts is important. Realistically even though the Reputation Defender review shows promise, it's not a step you ever want to take because your identity or accounts got into the wrong hands.

Despite using complex passwords to log into our email and social networking accounts, there seems to be little security and assurance that they will not be compromised. Frank Johnson gives us a few tips on protecting our online accounts.

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Demand for social intranet explodes among small businesses

Top 10 Social Intranet Trends (*):
1.       Social intranet is small, real small, and that’s good news. The median Bitrix24 intranet size is only 9.7 users. Small businesses are embracing social intranet when it’s offered as affordable SaaS that does not require deployment.

2.       Social intranet isn’t just for business. While 62% of social intranet users are companies, 10% are educational institutions, another 10% are healthcare providers, 9% are religious institutions (churches), 7% are non-profits, and  2% are non-traditional users that can’t be easily classified (kindergarten, musical group, Navy Seals endurance training, tantric sex coach).

3.       Social intranet is a BYOD (bring your own device) affair. As of Jan 2013, 18% of Bitrix24 users access corporate portals from smartphones and tablets, not PCs. We expect the trend to continue.

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Free Alternatives to Costly Software

Small and medium enterprises often spend thousands of dollars on purchasing software and applications for their systems. Though paid for software is always considered sophisticated and effective, there are several free alternatives that you can use without compromising on the quality of work on your systems. Frank Johnson delves into a few good options that you can use in your office.

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Top Ten Tips for MS PowerPoint Users

Presentations made with Microsoft PowerPoint and other applications are a great way to support speeches, explain business concepts, demonstrate the uses of products or simply to focus on a subject. But slides with too much text or bad graphics can distract or even irk your audience. Frank Johnson has ten tips that can help to create really effective PowerPoint presentations.

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Setting up Telecommuting

In the recent years, there has been an increasing pressure on companies to cut down costs and enhance productivity. Business organizations want to implement more flexible strategies in their working environment and this has made telecommuting significant. Frank Johnson explains the benefits of telecommuting and guides you to successfully use the same in your organization.

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Top Tips to Use Microsoft Excel

Most of us are quite familiar with Microsoft Excel and use it frequently in our day to day lives to collate data, keep records, calculations and various other purposes. It is a commercial spreadsheet application featuring charts, graphs and histograms that can be generated using the different rows and columns. However, Microsoft Excel is far more useful than many of us would like to believe. Do you wish to explore the very many things that you can do with Microsoft Excel? Frank Johnson has prepared a special list of tips to make the most of this wonderful application.

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Online Services that Can Help Your Business

The Internet is a gigantic platform where millions of businesses compete against each other to grab hold of market share and dominate their niche domains. If you wish to rule the online marketplace, there are a few basic online services that you can avail of to give your online presence the big push it requires. Frank Johnson shows you the way.

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How Does the Internet Really Work?

We use it everyday in office, at home and even on the go – the Internet is a channel that is now accessed through smart digital tablets and mobile phones in addition to desktops and laptops. But what exactly happens in the web world? How do these online processes work? Frank Johnson explains working of the Internet and the processes involved in same.

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Setting Up Your First Blog or Website

When it comes to having an online presence, most people do get confused between a blog and a website. However, no matter which one they choose it is important to keep the bigger picture of getting traffic on the blog or website in mind. In this article, Frank Johnson delves into the tips that may help you set up a robust blog or website and have a superb presence on the Word Wide Web.

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New Years Resolutions: 10 Ways to Keep Your Business Safe

Ringing in the New Year is often synonymous with making resolutions to improve upon the prior year. While IT professionals – like the rest of us – may resolve to eat healthier or save up for a new house, protecting their business’s safety belongs at the top of their professional resolution list. As businesses face growing daily threats from a barrage of cybersecurity dangers, further enhanced by the expanded use of mobile devices and BYOD (bring your own devices), safety is paramount.

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Ten Free Mobile Apps For iPhone

The best part about the apps store for iPhone is that you do not need to pay a cent for installing some of the best applications on your smartphone. From social networking to business and productivity enhancing apps, you can find a lot for free. Frank Johnson helps you short list some of the apps that you must have on your iPhone.

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Need for Web Hosting and Its Strategies

A well-defined and well-planned web hosting strategy provides a clear path for the enterprise to achieve its e-business goals in a timely manner and with little or no disruption to existing services. Frank Johnson looks into the need for web based solutions and different strategies for 'web enabling' a business enterprise. In the Internet [Read More...]
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