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Key Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

There is no reason businesses can say no to disaster recovery services or solutions today. As a business, when you rely on a practiced professional, you ensure quick, optimal business growth. Today when competition and cybercrime are at their best, organizations can’t afford to not have an infallible disaster recovery plan in place. This is the [Read More...]

Centralizing Your Business Data

Consolidating information in a centralized database helps a business to maintain interoperability between present and future applications. It reduces information management costs for duplication and provides access to more complete information and enhancing overall efficiency of the organization. Frank Johnson delves deeper into the concept of centralizing business data.

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The Key to Digital Privacy

Encrypt Stick™ Turns Any Flash Drive into a Digital Privacy Manager
You wouldn’t leave your home or your car unlocked. You just turn a key and you’re protected.  That little key is the ounce of prevention that’s worth a pound of cure.  It’s fast, easy, effective and inexpensive. You’d be foolish not to use it. 

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Are Online Storage Sites Secure?

Online storage has been growing as an industry for the last decade or so. From the early, clumsy attempts the ability to store files online is almost as easy as storing them locally. But you're probably worried about how secure those online storage companies are right?

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Best Format Recovery Tool to Recover Format Error Data on Memory Card

"Hello, I am having trouble accessing my memory card when connected to the computer, it was working fine and all of sudden when I try to open it, message displays that the drive is not formatted would you like to format it, please help me troubleshoot this problem as there is lot of data stored on the card, what can be done to recover format error data on my memory card? Your suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated. " - posted by Sacspot in Tomshardware forum

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iPhone Encryption

A lost iPhone is a bigger problem than previously thought. Despite encryption the finder can gain easy access to data including photos and audio recordings, even if the owner has set up their iPhone to require a pass code. And, of all things, this is made possible with Linux – the very operating system which Apple regularly cold-shoulders.

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How Full Disk Encryption Works

How Full Disk Encryption Works Full disk encryption is a data protection method that is used to encrypt every single data file on a hard disk. It is generally used as an added measure for encrypting data within an organization and in conjunction with other data protection methods.

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Error Smart Registry Repair Tool Review

Smart Error Repair - Error Smart Repair uses the industry's most advanced error-resolution technology and puts it to work for you. By scanning your hard drive, analyzing the errors and correcting the problems, Error Smart can restore your system performance and increase startup speed by up to 70 percent.

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Hurricane Season: Is Your Business Prepared?

Five years have passed since Hurricane Katrina and seven other named storms struck the Gulf Coast and Southeast in one of the most devastating hurricane seasons on record, but some areas of the Gulf Coast and adjoining states are still repairing the damage.Now, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center is warning of a 2010 hurricane season eerily similar to 2005.Citing all-time high sea surface temperatures in key areas of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the El Nino cycle, NOAA predicts that the 2010 season will most likely produce 14 to 23 named storms, eight to 14 hurricanes and three to seven major hurricanes (category 3 or stronger).

Faced with these alarming predictions, many IT departments may be asking what they can do to keep their business functioning during a major disruption such as a hurricane. A well-managed disaster preparedness plan can help prevent costly downtime and reduce inconvenience to customers. Here are seven habits that CDW LLC (CDW), a provider of information technology (IT) solutions to business, government and education, advises organizations adopt to best prepare their IT systems for a hurricane or other major disruption:

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How to upgrade from Ubuntu 9.10 or 8.04 LTS to Ubuntu 10.04?

The festival season is back again, I am saying so as for the Ubuntu lovers the release of latest version of Ubuntu is like a festival that usually comes twice a year. Almost all the Ubuntu users try the latest version of Ubuntu and not only this the number of users keeps on increasing with every latest release. So many people want to migrate from Windows to Ubuntu. I will be talking about migration from Windows to Ubuntu in the next post.

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Which Two Hours Can Your Business Afford to Lose?

Every year, I hear dozens of horror stories from customers about server and network outages and the resulting losses of data and productivity. For a brief moment, some network users may find an outage a bit charming, as older colleagues lean back and reflect “This is the way it was back in the seventies – no Internet, no e-mail, not even a fax machine. Just typewriters, phones, and Uncle Sam’s mail.”

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