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Are Online Storage Sites Secure?

So are they secure? As long as you've signed up with a reputable company that's gotten good reviews then the answer is a solid "Yes". Online storage sites use secure servers with extreme hacker protection – they'd be crazy not to. Their protection of the data stored with them is not only more secure than what you have on your computer, but gives you the added safety of offsite storage of important information. So if anything goes wrong on the local site (your house or office) then at least you have a 100% copy of all your important data in a remote location.

Most of the storage sites charge a very reasonable monthly fee and allow 24/7 high-speed access by user name and password to your stored files. Their storage limit per customer is more than most small businesses would ever need – most of the free online storage services offer about 5GB to start with. This is loads for most computer users and more than most users will ever need.

If you have ever had a complete computer failure or crash, you know how devastating that can be. If this has never happened to you, you are lucky but you can be sure it will happen to you at some stage in the future – it's just the nature of computers to break down. Storing important information in an offsite convenient place is not only smart, but prevents loss of important data later on.

Another feature of online storage is it is available from any computer in the world. All a subscriber needs is the web address, the user name and the password. Basically anywhere that you can get connected to the 'net will give you almost instant access to all your backed up files. Most of the online file backup services have a scheduler built in so you can have your files backed up a few times per day or just once per week – depending on what you want.

A quick Google search is enough to turn up plenty of online file backup services that offer modest monthly rates. Most of them offer a certain amount of storage space free to get you started and then you can upgrade later on if/when you need more disk space. Security, remote backup copies and convenience are the three basic reasons to consider storing your data online.

If you're having trouble choosing an online storage service then check out the resource box at the end of this article for my own personal recommendation.

Keeping backups of your files on an external hard drive is a good idea. Well it is until Murphy's law strikes and the backup gets destroyed. Using an online file backup service is now a no-brainer for anyone who takes their data security seriously. Check out my favourite  href=" online backup tool here

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