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Applied Energetics Announces Appointment of Senior Advisory Board

TUCSON, Ariz. Feb. 1, 2011

James Feigley

Joe Hayden

The members of the Applied Energetics Senior Advisory Board are:

University of Maryland Yale University Northeastern University New School for Social Research American University

Gary E. Luck Kansas State University Tommy Franks Iraq Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

(JSOC) with the rank of Major General from 1989 to 1990.

Timothy J. Keating Adm. Keating United States Naval Academy

Somalia University of North Dakota

Abou t Applied E n ergetics, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona

Certain st a temen t s conta i ned i n this N e w s Release constit u te "forward-loo k ing s t a t e m e nt s " wi t h i n t h e m ean in g o f t h e P ri v ate Securitie s Lit i gati o n Reform A c t of 1995. Such forward-l o oking st a t ement s involve a num b er of known and unknown risks, unc e rtainties and othe r factor s w h i ch m a y ca us e the a ctu a l res ult s, perfor m ance or achieve m ents o f the C o m pa ny to b e materially d i f f erent fr o m any future results, performanc e or achieve m ents expressed o r implied by su c h forward- looking state m ents.

Suc h facto r s include, b u t are not limite d to: t h e dependence on sal e s of a lim it ed n u mber of products a n d the unce r tain t y of t h e tim i ng a n d mag n i t u d e of government funding a n d orders, dependence o n sale s t o governm e nt cust o m ers; th e uncertainty of paten t protection ; the unce r tain t y o f s t rategic all i ances; th e uncerta i n t y of man a gem e nt te n ure; the impa c t of third party sup p lier s manufacturing con s tr a ints or dif f ic u lt i es; m a na ge ment s ab i lity t o achieve busin e ss performance objectives, market acceptance of, and dem a nd for , th e Comp a n y’ s product s , and resul t ing revenues ; development and test i n g of t e c h nology a n d products ; man u fac tur ing capabili t ies ; impa c t o f compet i t iv e products a n d pric i n g; lit i g ation and other r i sks detailed in t h e Comp a ny’s fi l i n g s with t he Securities an d Ex c h ange Commissi o n . The words "loo k ing fo r ward , " "believe , " "m a y , " " p l a n," "seek,’ "strate g y , " "dem o nstr a te," "i n tend , " " e xpect , " "c o nt i nue , " "c o nte mp late , " "est i m a te, " "a n tic ip ate , " " w i ll , " "li k ely" and simila r expressions identif y forward-looking statem e n ts. Reade r s are cautioned not t o pla c e un d ue rel i ance on these forwar d -looking s t atemen t s , whi c h spea k only as of the date th e stat e m ent wa s m ade . Applied Energ e tics underta k es no obligation to upd a te a ny forward lookin g sta t ement s co n tained i n t h i s ne w s rel e ase.

SOURCE Applied Energetics, Inc.

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