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Angie’s List: Can Your A/C Handle the Heat? How to Avoid a Breakdown

INDIANAPOLIS April 20, 2012 air conditioning

Angie Hicks consumer reviews

Heating and cooling systems

"The easiest thing homeowners can do is keep their air filters clean, and most of us can do this ourselves," Hicks said. "Just as smart is an annual system check-up to be sure your unit has the coolant it needs and isn’t on the brink of a breakdown."

Highly rated service specialists tell Angie’s List the majority of their emergency repair calls can be traced back to poor maintenance of the system.

$40 to $100 $50 to $150

4 Reasons to Keep up with your A/C

  1. Dirty air filters burden your unit’s efficiency and could allow dirt into its working parts, which can lead to a breakdown.
  2. Clean filters can reduce your annual energy costs by 15 percent.
  3. Each year your unit operates with a dirty coil, over-heated motor, insufficient coolant or other maintenance issue, it will need about 5 percent more energy to keep running.
  4. Many companies offer maintenance plans for regular service checks, which can help you develop a good relationship with a pro and possibly get you on the list for quickest service calls – even in a heat wave.

4 Signs your A/C is due for service:

  1. Your A/C runs constantly.
  2. It feels unusually humid in your home.
  3. Ice on or condensation around the outside unit.
  4. Your unit is more than 10 years old and fails repeatedly.

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