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A New Online Resource Launched To Help People With Payday Loan Debt

No doubt cash payday loans are very attractive financing options, as it promises instant money through a very simple process for almost everybody, including those with bad credit. But, at the same time, because of the high rate of interest that these lending programs charge, things often go out of control when the borrower misses the due date. A one or two month of extension in the repayment period may result in making the outstanding due double or even more. But again, this is a matter of debate and there is still no consensus on it. The great thing about is that it does not take sides on whether this type of lending is good or bad. All it does is to provide unbiased information about each and every aspect associated with payday loans and debt consolidation .

The structure of the website is another plus point for this online resource. There are five main categories, which has further been divided into several sub-categories. The site specifically covers the topic of debt consolidation of payday loan debts; there is a special section “debt consolidation payday loan” dedicated to this subject only. The other four sections that include credit repair, bankruptcy, payday loans, and debt consolidation also cover an extensive array of topics. For example, the “payday loan” section includes comprehensive information on the eligibility criteria, payday loan benefits, its risk factors, payday loan alternatives, repayment strategies, payday lenders, and the various payday loan laws applicable in different states. The “debt consolidation” section provides comprehensive detail on debt management, credit card debt consolidation, credit counseling, debt consolidation services, debt settlement, and debt collection harassment. Likewise, the other two sections “credit repair” and “bankruptcy” also include comprehensive information on almost everything that a reader may be looking for.   

Daily updates are another remarkable feature in this website. The site is updated on almost a daily basis, and the way it is going, it is likely to take the shape of a big portal very soon. This is a unique attempt made by the owner of this site, as there are very few resources online that have covered the specific subject of payday loan debt consolidation. Most importantly, in this age of Internet, where it is very difficult to find a website with unbiased information, the launch of is definitely a welcome move.

The site has everything that readers want – neat and clean structure, easy navigation, unbiased information, daily updates, and coverage of an extensive array of topics such as fair debt collection practices act, in well-defined categories. The site can be very helpful for almost everybody, as the topic of money and credit is something that matters to everyone. Considering the very fact that the life of an average American runs on credit and that most of them are deeply affected with different types of debts, the efforts made by to provide information on payday loan consolidatation must be appreciated. 

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