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4400mAh 6Cell Dell Studio 1535 Battery Replacement for Studio 1535

Are you worried about running out of battery power for your dell studio 1535? You can back yourself up with a Lithium-Ion replacement battery for your notebook. This 6-cell dell studio 1535 battery has capacity of 4400mAh. There is no battery memory effect with a lithium-ion battery – you can charge the battery whenever you like without fear of reducing its charge capacity. Now cheap buy with the coupon.

 dell studio 1535 battery

  • Specifications:
  • Chemistry:Li-Ion
  • Capacity: 4400mAh/6 Cells
  • Volts: 11.1V
  • Color: Black
To get maximum use out of your Dell Studio 1535 laptop battery there are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Avoid frequent full discharges because this puts additional strain on the Dell Studio 1535 battery. Several partial discharges with frequent recharges are better for lithium-ion than one deep one. Recharging a partially charged lithium-ion does not cause harm because there is no memory. (In this respect, lithium-ion differs from nickel-based batteries.) Short battery life in a laptop is mainly cause by heat rather than charge / discharge patterns.

2) The Dell Studio 1535 Batteries with fuel gauge should be calibrated by applying a deliberate full discharge once every 30 charges. Running the pack down in the equipment does this. If ignored, the fuel gauge will become increasingly less accurate and in some cases cut off the device prematurely.

3) Keep the lithium-ion battery cool. Avoid a hot car. For prolonged storage, keep the Dell Studio 1537 battery at a 40% charge level.

4) Consider removing the Dell Studio 1535 battery from a laptop when running on fixed power. (Some laptop manufacturers are concerned about dust and moisture accumulating inside the battery casing.)

5) If you have a spare lithium-ion battery, use one to the fullest and keep the other cool by placing it in the refrigerator. Do not freeze the battery. For best results, store the brand new Dell Studio 1535 battery at 40% state-of-charge.

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