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20 Mobile Apps To Boost Your Productivity

Feeling unproductive? Struggling to get things organized? Here are 20 mobile apps to help boost your productivity.


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Trello is a versatile task management app that lets you organize projects into boards. In one glance, you can see what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in process. It’s great for teams and individual tracking alike.


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Evernote helps you capture ideas and find them fast. Use it to take notes, create to-do lists, and save things you find online. It’s particularly useful for managing personal and professional projects at the same time.


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Asana is a project management tool that helps teams track their work. From tasks to workflows, Asana enables teams to coordinate daily tasks efficiently. It’s perfect for managing multiple projects at once without losing sight of the big picture.


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Slack is a communication platform designed for teams. It offers organized chat rooms (channels), direct messaging, and tools for integration with other applications. It’s excellent for reducing email clutter and streamlining team communication.


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Forest is a unique app that helps you stay focused by growing a virtual tree for the time you commit to not using your phone for other purposes. It’s great for those who need a visual motivator to maintain focus.

Microsoft To Do

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This is a straightforward task management tool that allows you to keep track of daily tasks. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office tools and helps you manage your tasks across all devices.

Google Keep

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Google Keep is a note-taking service that provides a variety of tools for notes, including text, lists, voice, and images. It’s very handy for quick thoughts and reminders, and syncs across all your devices.


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RescueTime automatically tracks the time you’ve spent on applications and websites and gives you detailed reports and data based on your activity. It’s ideal for those looking to improve time management and productivity.


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Notion is a comprehensive monitoring system that helps keep your home safe and secure through its multifunctional sensors. The easy-to-use app allows you to track various household concerns such as open doors and windows, water leaks, sounding smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and significant temperature changes.


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Todoist helps you organize and prioritize your tasks and projects so you can stress less and achieve more. It provides powerful task management features and is great for personal and professional use.


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Focus@Will offers a unique approach to enhancing productivity through customized music. By taking an initial quiz, users can tailor the app to their brain type, selecting everything from background images to session sounds and timer lengths.


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Airtable combines elements of a spreadsheet with a database. It’s excellent for organizing projects, especially when you need to manage a large amount of data with flexibility.


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Pocket is an app for managing a reading list of articles from the Internet. You can save articles, videos, and stories from any publication, page, or app. It’s ideal for catching up on reading anytime, anywhere.


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Zapier allows you to automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps—no coding required. It connects your apps and services and automates workflows, which can save a significant amount of time and effort.



1Password is a secure password manager that organizes your passwords in one place. It helps you use strong, unique passwords for all your accounts without needing to remember any of them.


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Buffer is a social media management tool that lets you schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your accounts in one place. It’s excellent for streamlining social media tasks.


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Dropbox is a file hosting service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. It’s perfect for storing documents and sharing files with teams or across devices.


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Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails. It integrates with your calendar to automatically detect your availability preferences. It’s a fantastic tool for managing appointments efficiently.


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IFTTT stands for “If This Then That”. This web-based service helps you create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets, which trigger actions between apps and devices. It’s great for automating and connecting different services.


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Wunderlist is a simple, yet effective to-do list and task management app. Although Microsoft has planned to retire it in favor of Microsoft To Do, it’s still widely used for its ease of use and functionality.

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